Irving, TX teachers use Boot Camp and Personal Trainers to help them get shape -

Irving, TX teachers use Boot Camp and Personal Trainers to help them get shape


Sep 01
Dallas, TX area boot camp and personal trainer  testimony from Jenna and Jennifer who both teach in Irving, TX. They have been awesome boot camp participants in our program and have really done the work in achieving their results. Jenna lost 5 pounds in her first month of Boot Camp Jennifer lost 2 dress sizes in just 26 days!. Get You In Shape is proud of their hard work and just loves helping to be a part of their fitness and exercise journey.

Dallas, TX area boot camp and personal trainer  testimony
My name is Jenna and I am a teacher in Irving, TX. My name is Jennifer Barnes and I am from Coppell but I also teach with Jenna in Irving.
Why did you decide to Join Boot Camp?
Jenna – I joined because Jennifer told me about it and I was also looking for a new fitness workout so I tagged along with her,
Jennifer – I came to the Free Trial Boot Camp and I feel in love with it but could not join for a couple of month because I have a 1 year old at home. So I told Jenna about join the Boot Camp and we started it together
What did you notice from Boot Camp when coming?
JennaVery Positive. I love that the personal trainers walk you through step by step. I never thought that I would admit that I would love Boot Camp, but I do.
Jennifer – I love the Boot Camp atmosphere, the trainers are very positive and motivating. All the people that come (boot camp participants) are very nice, very helpful and they also motivate you to keep going even when you want to quit. So it has been wonderful.
What benefits have you noticed in just one month of the Get You In Shape Boot Camp?
Jenna – The benefits of boot camp would be that it has help me on a routine because we have to get up early to get up to teach school. I have also lost 5 Pounds and a couple of inches from just one month in the program, so that is a plus!
Jennifer – It has also helped me get in a routine because I have to get up early to teach also. For me, I have lost a lot of inches. I have dropped 2 dress sizes in just 26 days with the program. I went and tried on a dress yesterday and I went down 2 dress sizes. I am very happy with losing the inches.
Why would you suggest this Boot Camp to someone else?
Jenna – I go to the gym 5 days a week and this was a great way to break up that boring gym routine. I know love come out here 3 days a week and just go to the gym on the off-days. So the Boot Camp is a great break from the everyday normal workout.
Jennifer – As a gym going myself, I was going to the gym 5-6 days a week before I had my baby. It was very repetitive and boring so I need something extra. I needed the personal trainers to push me. I needed someone say “you can do one more or a few more”. The Boot Camp has also been great because we have met new friends which makes it more enjoyable.

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