How to sign up a friend -

How to sign up a friend

The Video Below explains how to sign up a friend so that they can get the products themselves

You should not and do not need to give your discount away when signing up is very easy and it will help your friend by allowing them to get connected directly to Advocare.
It’s a one time fee that is $79 ($94.43 with taxes and shipping)

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Benefits for you:
1. They are no longer needing to come to you to order Spark or Advocare products.
2. If you get enough people ordering, you can get a higher discount on the products and even earn some money 🙂

Benefits for them:
1. They get the products anytime they want without having to go through you and when you are available.
2. They get connected directly to Advocare. You may not be interested in the business side but someone you know may benefit from getting the products at a higher discount level OR by plugging into the Advocare Success System and earning some additional income.