How To Order Advocare - Making an Advocare run -

How To Order Advocare – Making an Advocare run

Go to our Advocare Page Here if you are not signed up yet through Advocare and order the products

Below is the the Information on how to order:
**Remember to forward the conformation email you get from Advocare**.
I also have a quick video below that explanations  how to order or  you can see here.

Below is information on how to place an Advocare order with the names for pick up. It also has information as to how to let us know you have placed an order (so we know that you have a box at Advocare that we should be picking up). Please look over it and follow the instructions.

4 Ways you can order Advocare are:
1. Go to the Advocare headquarters in Plano and get products there (it’s like a store – you can order products there)
2. Order online (or by calling) and get it shipped to you.
3. Order online (or by calling) and put the order in will call with your name and go pick up the order yourself in Plano.
4. Order online (or by calling) and we can pick them up for you. Please follow the directions below and give us 14 days to get it to you.
Reach out to me if you have any questions.

How to place an Advocare Order  Below is how each of you can order on your own and pay with your own credit card.
1. Go to your own personal website. It will be (the one that you get when signing up)
2. Click on Login on the top right hand of the page
3. It will ask for your username – This is the number that Advocare gave you that should also be on your website. It may also be your email.
4. Password (you can also call customer service at 800-542-4800 and they can help you recover it)
5. You hit shop now
6. Pick what you want to order. Trim line has the purple products, active line has the spark, well line has the wellness products like the OmegaPlex, Coreplex and the Elite Performance line has the sport products.
7. Order what you want and click CHECK OUT
8. At the checkout area, you can choose the option for shipping or “PICK UP ORDER” The corporate office is in Plano near 75 and George Bush. It will ask the first and last name of the person picking it up with date and time. If you would like me to pick it up and bring at some point during the week, I can certainly do that. I cannot guarantee that you will have it the same week you need it as we go every 10 days. So give us 7-10 days to get your order to you if you want us to pick it up for you.

This is what you would put for first name and last name

Frist name Brad/Dee
Last name  Linder/Faught

Date- Next day Time in the morning ( we have 15 days to pick it up from the time of order)

Then Forward me the confirmation order email Advocare emails you so I know you placed and order and what you ordered.If you have any questions or need any help, please call or email me 🙂

Here is the Video that explains how to order

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