How does a free month of boot camp sound to you? -

How does a free month of boot camp sound to you?


Jul 14

Get Discounts and Free Stuff for sharing Boot Camp with others.

Did you know you can get a month of boot camp for FREE? 
Marie Azcona in our 5:30am Coppell Boot Camp got a free month this Month just for being excited about what boot camp has done for her. She will be the first to tell you that all she did was be excited about the benefits of boot camp and people ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING LIKE OUR PROGRAM. So we wanted to have a little campaign for the Month of August. We will be giving out prizes on top of the normal referral discounts you see below to those that help spread the word the most.

We recognize and are grateful for not only your personal commitments and efforts to spread the word about what Get You In Shape has to offer, but also bringing family and friends to join in the fun and fitness.  As such, we desire to further reward you – our valued client –
The rewards for referring new clients that make Boot Camp commitments are discounted as follows:
Refer 1 new signed client: 10% off the following month
Refer 2 new signed clients:  25% off the following month
Refer 3 new signed clients: 50% off the following month
Refer 4 new signed clients:  75% off the following month
Refer 5 new signed clients = 1 free month

Please take note of the following guidelines:
Discounts apply only to the next month’s Boot Camp sessions, not applicable to future sessions.
For rewards to be extended, referred client must specifically identify you by name when signing up. We have a section on our profile just for that.
For clients with extended contracts, the discount will be applied at time of the EFT or the amount of discount you get can be used for GYIS merchandise.
Clients must have completed one full month of boot camp in order to receive the discount for the following month’s session.
Referral must be a new participants in the Get You In Shape program

What can you do to get your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family to join with you?

1. Go to and put 5 emails to be sent with our 6 Free Fitness Reports. This is a simple way to get people excited about getting free reports. Each report has an offer to try us out. You can follow up with them to see. See below about personally emailing a friend.

2. Pass out our Free Boot Camp Flyers – You can take as many as you like. We have a Free Boot Camp Session twice a month which helps give people an idea of what type of program they would get. We have a HUGE success rate from people who come “check it out”. You can pass these out or mail them with a personal story. I can help anyone who would like to send something to their neighbors as I have some marketing materials that would help get them interested. (you have probably seen houses sold on your street and the Agent sends you a letter with their information. This works with our program because it is local!)

3. Let us speak a group you are involved with –  Let Get You in Shape come speak to a group you are involved with about health and wellness. We can also offer everyone there a free boot camp trial class for those interested. This could be HUGE for you but it also allows us to spread the word.

4. Let us do a lunch and learn at your work – We have done a lot of lunch and learn with 30 minutes of quick tips on health and nutrition topics. We will also then give our Free Boot Camp Session handouts and sign up anyone interested in checking a session out. Again, for each person that signs up, you will get 10% off the next session.

5. Use our Mail Newsletters and E-Newsletters –
We have a Newsletter we mail out once a month that we can personally give to you. Just let us know how many copies you would like and we can make sure you get them. You can pass these out to your neighbors, a group you go to, or at work.  Not only will they get some helpful tips, recipes, and read testimonies, but they will get dates for the upcoming Get You in Shape events. Just forward our E-newsletter to your email list as we give great health and fitness tips each month that will help your family and friends and may get them to come check a session out with you.

6. Use Your imagination!
Since we are doing the referral program for you and so YOU can get more of a discount on the next boot camp for getting others to join, YOU can use your imagination.

7. Email a boot camp invitation–  Email friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, co-workers, and even family members an invitation to just come try it out.

You will need to make sure you tell your personaly stroy of how boot camp has helped you and ANY results you have received. Here is informaiton you can email folks that you know.

Put your personal touch to it as they will really respond to you and your story of boot camp

As you can see below, we have three different locations. You can just copy and paste the one for you.
RSVP: you will need to email brad (put email here) where you want to try it, what day and when.

Let me know if you have any questions.
McKinney Ave Location
– Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evening 5:30pm-6:30pm
Camden Farmer Market Location    Wednesday or Friday 5:30am-6:30am
 Coppell Location     Monday, Wednesday or Friday. |
5 times to choose from 5:30am, 6:30am, 8am, 6pm, 7 pm (5pm & 6pm on Fridays

Where  You have 3 locations to choose from!:
McKinney Ave. Location:
2000  McKinney Ave Dallas, TX 75201 –
Park in the visitor parking, walk in lobby, ask security guard to
take you to the 400 Annex where the boot camp is

Camden Farmer Market Location:
2210 Canton St. Dallas, TX 75201 – In the sport court of the fitness center
which on the 2nd floor of the main entrance or where the leasing office is.
(get there at least 5 minutes before)

Coppell Location
 Andy Brown East Coppell
260 Parkway Blvd
 Coppell, Texas 75019

What to Bring? If you have a fitness mat, bring it. If not just bring a
beach towel and some 3 or 5 pound weights (don’t worry if you do not
have any weights, thought)

Can I bring a Friend? Yes. All we ask is that you have your friend
email us and let us know what date and what time you guys are coming

What if you want to join the Next Boot Camp after the trial session?
If you like the session and want to join, they will have a sheet that you can fill out right after the session so you can secure a spot.

What if I you want to start up before the next Camp Starts? We suggest people waiting so you can get a clean start but if we do allow people to start after the boot camp. Especially if they are a referall.

DO you have to come to a trial session to join? No, we back our program up,
so you can rest assured that you will get the service, attention, and results you
are looking for.  So you can join in knowing that we will make sure you get
everything you are looking for.

Know that you will be joining a group for check it out that has been already
in the boot camp for some time. So we ask that you just go at your own level.
WE have all types of fitness levels but we ask that any new people really just
focus on going at your own pace.