Hoodies and winter gear for Get You in Shape -

Hoodies and winter gear for Get You in Shape


Nov 04

We are PRE-ORDERING the winter gear this year so we don’t have so much left over. So this is the only chance you have to order any winter gear if you would like to. We will stop orders next Tuesday so that we can hopedully get them in by Nov. 19th.
 This the official place to make sure your order is what you want. Comment below, email or let us know at boot camp on the sign up sheet.
1. Kind- Zipper, Regualar or Long Sleeve
2. Color – See below for each kind there are three colors to choose from
3. Size – These are one size fit all. The zippered ones fit tighter than the regular hoodies. The Long Sleeve is a men’s size.
If you want to change, just email 


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Ferol Chandler November 5, 2010

Zip, Grey, Medium
Long, Grey, Small
Long, Black, Small
Long, Green, Small


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