5 Holiday Survival Tips -

5 Holiday Survival Tips


Dec 20

Five Holiday Survival Tips

If you remember the tips I gave you before Thanksgiving, I stated that the average American gains 5-10 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years. With just a few more days left before Christmas, I wanted to give you a few quick tips that will hopefully help you stay or maintain that weight until New Years, when you will be much more focused and ready to get back into a routine.

Top Five Holiday Survival Tips

1. Get your workout in as soon as possible – This means getting up and trying to get your exercise in immediately. TheChristmas holiday times somehow play with our minds and give us all kind of excuses not to workout. Getting up before the kids or before the festivities will help you knock out a workout. Have a mind set that you are going to get something done in the morning even if it is only a 10 minute workout. If you areHolidayTips already mentally prepared to do it the night before, you are more than likely to actually workout. Again, the excuses not to workout become huge this time of year. Working out early will help set the tone for your day. It will energize you, help build your confidence, and allow you to have a healthy conscious since you did workout. We have put some great workouts together for you to do that can be a quick as 5 minutes or as long as an hour. Get over to our blog and pick from 25 workouts which most are just body weight exercises you can do anywhere.

2.  Eat a healthy breakfast. This is always number one as it will start your day off right. Now matter how much food you are planning on eating later in the day, having a healthy breakfast is much more beneficial than skipping it to “save calories”. You are breaking that fast that your body was in from the time you were sleeping which means that your metabolism gets raised when you eat breakfast. We have a blog post about what the science says we should be eating as a healthy breakfast but an good example would be 2 egg whites and an egg with some old fashioned oatmeal with blueberries in there. When we travel, I also start with a meal replacement shake because I normally don’t have access to cook a healthy breakfast and I know how great it is for my metabolism.

3. Drink plenty of water. Not only this but when you drink the water is very important. Shoot for drinking a big glass of water when you get up each day. It is also important to drink a big glass of water about 15 minutes before each meal you have and after each meal. This not only will help with digestion but also help with your cravings and how much food you will consume. Here is a blog post about how water aids in weight loss.

4. Minimize the empty calories – I could put avoid but I know that this is just going to be a given for most people even myself (yes, I like to eat unhealthy sometimes too). Empty calories are pretty much anything that does not have any nutritional value for you. By nutritional value it really means you do not get any benefit from eating it.  Two examples of empty calories in foods would be fried foods and deserts. A few examples of empty calories in drinks are cokes, many juices (look at the labels and alcohol). Empty calories don’t provide you with any benefits except possibly your taste buds and  maybe a headache the next day (if you are drinking too much). There are many rules of thumb but following tip number 3 will help you minimize the number of empty calories you consume. Having a plan like knowing you are only going to have 2 pieces of pie or only 2 glasses of wine. This can possibly help with overdoing it and it can also boost your confidence since you didn’t overdue it.

5. Have an Accountability Partner– Find someone that you can rely on to help keep you focused and determined not to blow all your heard work. We use this with our fitness programs and also our 24 Day Challenge and it is one of the main reasons we have success with these proven programs. Asking your spouse, a family member or a friend to team up with you so you can help keep each other on track will be huge in your success. You can help keep each other motivated and held accounted for when you want to eat more than you should. It is also motivating knowing that your friend is trying to stay strong and not eat or drink as much also.

The Christmas season is a time of celebration and thanksgiving. It should not be a time of overindulging and stuffing your face. Using these 5 simple tips can help you stay on track when most people are failing.