Come Celebrate Get You In Shape's 8th Year Anniversary Month With US! 

...We've got quite the incentive for you to join us again :)

Changing BODIES & Changing
LIVES Everyday

We Are Planning a Great October Month and Want YOU to be a part of it.

Hey Friend!

I'm really glad you made it here so you can see what we are doing to CELEBRATE our 8th Year Anniversary Month coming up in October. We are having a month long BINGO game with prizes and awards being given out for one line, 2 lines and for hitting BINGO. We are adding another fitness session for the month (15 total) and also having 2 chances for a Mobility Clinic and Foam-rolling class. 

You are reading this because you have been a past client of ours and we want you to come celebrate our 8th Year with us. We are giving you two options or incentives to come back and to celebrate.

It's important to know that we have had made a few changes since you may have been with us, such as how all clients start with us now. We now have a One-Time Enrollment Fee that has really allowed us to give everyone the BEST RESULTS possible in their first month. This has been HUGE for helping our clients get the kick start they need the first four weeks and to help keep them going beyond that.
From there, our normal program options are $219 (3 month commitment), $189 (6 month commitment) and $159 (12 month commitment). We also changed our policy so that when someone is finished with their initial commitment, they automatically roll into month to month until they let us know they want to cancel. This has been great for our clients because they don't have to sign another commitment and they can then just let us know when they are ready to stop or cancel.

Again, The GYIS normal rates are: One Time Enrollment Fee $249 then $219 (3 mo), $189 (6 mo) and $159 (12 mo)

I wanted to go over the rates just to let you know that we are going to give two options for the first 20 Sign Ups.

8th Year Month Celebration Options

NOTE : These Two options are only for the first 20 people that sign up so that we can continue to provide the level of service we are known for in Coppell. 

Option #1

Just Fitness

Event Kick Off (Orientation)- to prepare you to rock the 28 Day Kick Start!

15 Get You In Shape Sessions (see days/time below)

Play the Bingo Game

Free Mobilty Clinic and Foam Rolling Class

Price    $88 

This will only be good for our October session and if you did want to continue, you would sign up with our normal program rates and normal commitment options.
One Time Enrollment $249, then $219 (3 mo), $189 (6 mo) and $159 (12 mo)

Option #2

ALL IN through December Plan

Event Kick Off (Orientation)- to prepare you to rock the 28 Day Kick Start!

15 Get You In Shape Sessions (see days/time below)

9 Cardio Club Sessions in October - Tu/Thu

24 Total Sessions (15 training /9 Cardio Club)

Free Mobilty Clinic and Foam Rolling Class

Nutrition Consultation

Everything you get with our One-Time Enrollment (go here to see the sheet)

24 Day Nutrition System - 3 Nutrition Consultation Appointments,  Nutrition Guide Book, Professional Coaching, Accountability and 24 Day Nutritional Products

Access To GYIS VIP Facebook page

Member Kit - GYIS T-shirt, Stretch Band, Book and more

$249  for October*

Then only $159 (12 month rate) for November and December. You get our 12 month commitment rate ($159) for just 2 months.
If you want to continue after December, you will go month to month at our 12 month commitment rate of $159 until you want to stop.

*Covers both the One Time Enrollment Fee and your Fitness Sessions for October

The Basics 

1. When : 4 Kick Off Meetings (see sign up form below)
The 8th Year Month will Start on September 28th and go until October 24th
2. Fitness Levels - We work with ALL FITNESS LEVELS
3. Where: Andy Brown East Park (next to The Core Rec Center) 260 East Parkway Blvd. Coppell, Texas (Map It)
4. What Days:
Group Personal Training
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
(2 Saturday sessions each month 7am & 8am, October will have a bonus 3rd Saturday session)
Fitness Session Times
5:30am, 6:30am, 8:00am, 12pm
Evening Times Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:00pm & 6:00pm
Cardio Club (interval based cardio)
5:30am & 6:30am - Tuesday and Thursday
Cardio Club is only for those who choose Option #2
You will get the entire Kick Start Accountability Calendar after you secure your spot below.

Are You Ready To Celebrate With US?

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