GYIS 7th Anniversary BINGO - September 26th - October 24th, 2014 -

GYIS 7th Anniversary BINGO – September 26th – October 24th, 2014


Sep 19

Bingo GraphicTo celebrate Get You In Shape’s 7th Anniversary, we are going to play a game of Boot Camp BINGO.  The BINGO game will run throughout the October Boot Camp Session, September 29th – October 24th with the chance to win some really awesome prizes.  All Boot Campers will receive a BingoCard in class on Friday, September 26th.  It looks like this:

BingoCard Image

For each space that you “Earn”, you will have a GYIS trainer give you a stamp or sticker.  At the end of the BINGO game on October 24th, you will receive your prizes based upon how many “Bingos” you received (3 stamps in a row, 2 rows of stamps in a row, or filling your entire card).

Prizes we are giving away are:

  • A Special Edition GYIS Blender Bottle
  • A Special Edition 7th Year Anniversary GYIS T-Shirt (see picture below)
  • The Chance to Win 1 Free Month of Boot Camp

Here are the squares that are on the card and more information about each one:

  • Come to the October 2nd 7:30pm-8:30pm.  Learn Healthy Recipe’s using some of the nutrition products. This is a Product Palooza giving you the opportunity  to learn more about and SAMPLE many of the nutritional products we recommend.  There will also be door prizes and prizes for those who bring a friend (or two!).  Although it will be mostly GYIS clients, it’s open to everyone so please invite some folks to join you. Product Palooza will be held at Brad & Cynthia’s House, 601 Loch Lane in Coppell.  RSVP requested by emailing
  • Attend ONE of the 4 Saturday Sessions Offered.  We will have our regular Saturday sessions on October 11th & 18th at 7am and 8am.  However, in association with the City of Coppell’s Living Well Promotion, we will also have 2  FREE community-wide session at 8am on Saturday October 4th and 25th.
  • Bring a Friend (or 2!) to “Bring a Friend Week” October 13-18.  Invite a friend, neighbor or family member to join you at any of our classes offered that week.
  • Attend a Cardio Club Session.  If you are already a Cardio Club member, then this is easy.  If you are not a member of Cardio Club, then please plan on joining us for one session of Cardio Club. They are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30am or 6:30am
  • Post Your Favorite Healthy Recipe on the GYIS VIP Facebook Group.  Share your favorite meals with your fellow boot campers!
  • During the Boot Camp calendar month of October, come to at least 7 sessions..  You can do this!!
  • Get Weighed and Measured (Oct 10th or Oct 24th).  Please plan coming to class a few minutes early either of these days.
  • Post a Picture on Facebook GYIS Fan Page of You Wearing GYIS gear somewhere other than the Park.  Note this is NOT the VIP (Closed Group) page but rather the Get You In Shape Fan / Public Page.

We hope you will participate & enjoy this fun game.  B-I-N-G-O!  

Questions about the game or any of the squares?  Contact

For anyone asking, Get You In Shape was actually founded in 2006 but the Coppell Fitness program began in 2007.

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