Great Ab and Core Exercise - Add this exercise to your ab workout -

Great Ab and Core Exercise – Add this exercise to your ab workout


Apr 28

Exercise of the Month Pillar Bridges or Planks
By Fitness Trainer Brad Linder, owner of
This a great ab and Core exericse. This will help create stability and strength in your shoulders/core/and hips.

  • Lie on your stomach with your elbows under your shoulders and bent 90 degrees
  • Pull your shoulder blades down the middle of your back as you support your weight in your shoulders
  • Tuck your chin in aligning your head with your body (relax neck)
  • Flex your toes toward your shins
  • As you are pulling your shoulder blades down your back, lift your body off the ground with your core. Focus on your abs being engaged.
  • KEY POINTERS – Draw in your belly button in towards your spine throughout the exercise as you continue to focus on your shoulders being pulled down your back. Beginners – Start by lifting up on your knees
    Intermediate – Lift up from your toes
    Advanced – Bring one leg up or one arm up

Different options
1. Lift up and hold for 5 seconds –repeat 6-15 times
2. Lift up and hold for 15-60 seconds

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