Get You In Shape info for July wk 4 -

Get You In Shape info for July wk 4


Jul 23

Tip, Workout and information for the week

Trainer Tip of the weekClick Here for our Trainer Tip of the week from Cynthia with the 30 Day Burpee Challenge information. This will  start next Monday 🙂

Product of the MonthClick Here

This week – M-W-F and Saturday is our monthly 5k at 7am. Plan on coming out and getting in your off-day cardio with the GYIS crew this Saturday morning.      Workouts Here

August Calendar – Here is the August Calendar you can download

Christmas in July – Last few days and we still have two more Orientation times (they are on the sign up page that you send your friend to)

We now have 15 people who have GIVEN a friend the GIFT of health and fitness and a Month of our program.

Lisa Dunham, Susan Gonzales, Lotta Meyer, Om Berlinge, Patty Barlow, Mark Meyer, Jennifer Tear, Andrea Watts, Julie McCan, Bob Calabro, Kelley Hoffman, Marina Datsco, Susan Matulevicius, Mary Brown, and Darla Jo Manning  are the 15 so far that have given their gift away. We are excited to be able to help your friends in August (both you by helping with motivation and accountability and us with our total program)

Here are the details again:

Christmas in July
In the end, it’s a chance to help YOU give the gift of health to someone that you know who would benefit from our program without any cost obligation.
We are excited about giving YOU the chance to give our program to one lucky person to help YOU stay motivated to get to each session and keep you accountable during the HOT month of AUGUST!!!

Knowing you only have less than two weeks (because they need to come to a New Member Orientation) will hopefully spring you into action to GIVE that gift to someone.

We have put all the details on a flyer to be given out at each fitness session today, we have also put all the details on our blog (including an email you can copy and paste to the person you have in mind to GIVE this gift to), and we will continue to have a link on each email the next two weeks.

The Basic Details:
1. New Clients Only.

2. You can GIVE 1 Person a FREE MONTH OF GYIS
(choose wisely knowing you can only give the gift to 1 person)

3. August Session only. This is also to help motivate YOU to finish the summer strong.
August session runs July 27-August 23rd.

4. They need to sign up at
This is so we can make sure YOU get the credit if they end up joining one of our program options after their FREE GYIS MONTH.

5. Each sign up must come to a New Member Orientation that they will choose when they sign up at

6. We will do our best to help bring that person on as a client. If they decide to join one of our program options, you then get the Cash Referral Rewards.

Time is important here so you will need to get on the ball and use the email I have provided below or just call the person you have in mind. Again, this is all about giving and you only are allowed to give 1 Free Month coupon (for the month of August only)


Other news and information
July Accountability Calendar Here.

Upcoming Dates
Now until July 29th – Christmas in July Giveaway – Go Here
July 20th – Saturday Sessions in July (7am and 8am)
July 26th – Measurements/Weight/Journal Turn In Say
July 27th – Monthly Community 5k @ 7am
July 29 – Start of August Session and GYIS Monthly Fit Test
August 10th & 17th – Saturday sessions (7am and 8am)
August 17th – Bring a Friend and Breakfast at Boot Camp after the 7am and 8am
August 23rd – Measurements/Weight/Journal day

IF you focus on the results, you will never see change
If you focus on Change, you will always see RESULTS!


Let us know how we can help you!

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