Get You In Shape Cardio Club in Coppell -

Get You In Shape Cardio Club in Coppell

What is the Get You In Shape Cardio Club?

There are many reasons why many people don’t do cardio. For the majority of people, it’s because they just don’t like doing it. They also don’t like doing in on their own.

Get You In Shape’s fitness boot camp program has been very successful mainly because we have built a program that has been proven to help motivate, encourage, and inspire people to reach for their goals. For the most part, we do this by creating a positive group environment and a great group camaraderie that people enjoy being a part of. Because of this, there is a need to start a new program called the Get You In Cardio (Club) Shape.

So here is what we know
1. Performing Cardio is good for us, we were born to run (or do cardio), at different speeds and distances, cardio will improve several General Physical Skills…Cardio-Respiratory Endurance, Muscular Stamina, Power and Speed.
2. If you don’t like to do cardio (or jog/run) you are in the same boat as many others.
3. It’s more fun to get in cardio with your friends and run in various places (we mix up the workouts so that we utilize hills in some of the street’s, go to the track, add in some fitness products to help change it up, and more..)
4. If you’re a Get You In Shape participant you should already be doing this on your own Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for your general health but also because it’s very hard to reach your goals if you are NOT doing your off-day cardio and incorporating Interval Training into your workouts.

So here is the SCOOP about Coppell’s Get You In Shape Cardio Club
1. 5:30am and 6:30am for 60 minutes every Tuesday and Thursday @Andy Brown East Park
2. It’s outside rain, sleet or snow (plan ahead – see questions below)
3. It is designed for all fitness levels
4. Sessions focus on Interval Training
5. Sessions will have warm up and cool down working to improve mobility/flexibility to help with fitness and recovery.
6. Sessions start at park (we meet at the same area as we meet for boot camp) but use the park and streets of Coppell.
7. We will have another longer run on the last Saturday following the last day of each 4 week of the Coppell Get You In Shape Boot Camp. It will be at 7am or 8am depending upon the time of the year.
8. The Cardio Club is a separate service from the Get You In Shape Boot Camp

The Get You In Shape Coppell Cardio Club Common Questions

Who should participate in the Get You In Shape Cardio Club?
Know that the Get You In Shape Boot Camp will always be the first program we suggest because it covers 3-4 times a week both strength training (resistance training) and cardiovascular endurance.
In general, the Coppell Cardio Club will be for:
1. Boot Camp participants that hit a weight loss plateau. Adding the Get You In Shape Cardio Club will help take your cardio to the next level and help you burn more calories.
2. Boot Camp participants who want a structured group environment lead by a personal trainer to get their off-day cardio in.
3. Boot Camp participants falling into bad habits. Join Get You In Shape Cardio Club and get back into good habits.
4. Boot Camp participants that have a big event coming up like a vacation, wedding, or a reunion.
5. Boot Camp participants that are looking to increase their speed or time in cardio exercises.
6. Boot Camp participants that want to make sure they stay on track during the tough months (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Summer, etc)
We have added this program so that all the above reasons can help you. Some may only need a few months to get back to their own off-day cardio. Some may just know they will need that structured environment that will help them stay on track each month (they simply will not do it by themselves)

How many have to be signed up in order to start the sessions?
8 people for each time need to signed up in order for the month to make. So if only 6 people sign up for the 6:30am session, we will not offer that time that particular month.

Is this a part of the Get You In Shape Boot Camp?
The short answer is no. The Get You In Shape Boot Camp is a total program that offers each client up to 14 sessions, off-day cardio programming, a nutrition plan, professional coaches to help, and many more great tools. This program is a separate service from the Get You In Shape boot camp. The Get You In Shape Cardio Club was started because participants expressed interest in starting a structured off-day cardio program that would help them in their weight loss and fitness goals. Therefore, the Get You In Shape Cardio Club is a separate service that people can take advantage of to help them reach their goals but mainly will focus on providing the support and off-day cardio accountability that many client need to reach their goals and continue to maintain where they are at.

What would a typical day be in at the Coppell Get You In Shape Cardio Club?
The main purpose of the Coppell Get You In Shape Cardio Club is to help provide professional help (in the form of a certified fitness trainer and accountability coach) for those needing help with their off-day Cardio program. We will put each and every client in a positive environment that will mainly focus on motivating, encouraging, and inspiring each person to push themselves. Just like the Get You In Shape Boot Camp, the group camaraderie is a key to helping each person get out and do what they don’t want or like to do. The workouts will be Interval (vary in terms of time, intensity, and equipment) based and will vary most days with what we do so that your body is always having to adapt to the changes (burn more calories) being put on it. We incorporate old fashioned jogging/running (or walking), stationary cardio, drills, speed ladders, hills, and change up the location from time to time. It will not be as intense as the Get You In Shape Boot Camp but will be designed to help give each participant what they need to help reach their goals.
The majority of the programming, though, will be interval based walking/jogging/running and stationary cardio.
Each session will also have a warm up and cool down with an emphasis on improving mobility and flexibility over time. We will also throw in some core exercises in which is always a staple in a Get You In Shape program.

What about weather and rain?
Unlike the boot camp, we will be outside rain, sleet, snow or a heat wave. You may want to get a rain coat or something to wear in the rain. We will meet under the pavilion and most likely to some of the workout there but plan on also getting out also.

What do I need to bring or wear?
We will have a meeting point but we suggest you just bring a fitness mat (or towel if you don’t have one). We do not suggest you bring your cell phone, wallet, or anything that would be left by your mat as we hit the road for 30-40 minutes. We Suggest you get a stop watch with a light so you can hit the bottom and see the time in the dark. We have found good ones at Academy for a great price but you can find one probably just about anywhere. You also may want to get a rain coat or something to wear as it is raining. As stated in the previous question, we will workout when it is raining and will meet under the pavilion. Depending on how hard it’s raining, we will either stay under the pavilion for the workout or head out and get in the rain. So plan on both which is why we suggest some sort of rain coat.

What type of fitness level do I need to be in to participate in the Coppell Get You In Shape Cardio Club?
As with our Get You In Shape Boot Camp, we pride ourselves in helping each and every fitness level. So no matter where you are at, we will program each workout so that you will get a great workout and be pushed to your own fitness level. This means if you are just starting out, this will be something you can do. If you are in great shape, you will be pushed to your own personal fitness level and get results. We do hit the road and do new things which is fun and different for most folks. We may pair you up or put you with folks that are at or around your fitness level to help keep you motivated but not to push you to do more than your body should be doing at your fitness level.

How much is it?
We will be offering 8 sessions every 4 weeks (see schedule) every Tuesday and Thursday and 1 Saturday session.
Which means you will get 9 sessions.

It will be the same 4 weeks as the Get You In Shape boot camp schedule

Get You In Shape Participant – $60 for 8 sessions for one Month –or
$40 for 4 sessions every 4 weeks.

Can I participate if I am not a Get You In Shape Participant?

Yes. Although, we know that you would benefit more from the Get You In Shape Boot Camp, this is a service we are offering to folks that are not a part of Coppell’s Get You In Shape Boot Camp. The monthly fee is higher, though, for folks not a current Boot Camp participant.

Non-Get You In Shape Boot Camp Participant $80 For 8 sessions every 4 weeks or $60 for 4 sessions.

Do I have to participate in the 5k’s, 10k’s, and 1/2 marathons?
No, you do not have to participate in anything but come to the Tuesday and Thursday sessions. We will meet once a month at 9am for a longer distance and measure time and distance progressions over time. The training that we will be doing will be good in preparing for shorter distances (5k or 10K) and if you are wanting to participate in the events that we are planning on attending as a group, we will encourage you to but will not expect you to.