Get You In Shape Boot Camp 3 Year Celebration Prizes and Discounts -

Get You In Shape Boot Camp 3 Year Celebration Prizes and Discounts


Sep 22

Boot Camp 3 Year Celebration

Anyone who is signed up for the October Boot Camp is eligible to compete any and all of the contests.
So if you are not signed up yet,
Click Here to get signed up.

If you did not get to watch the video above, we just wanted to do something BIG to celebrate 3 years of the Get You In Shape Boot Camp. We are giving away over $1000 worth in prizes and discounts in the month of October. We have 3 different Contests and anyone signed up for the October boot camp can go for each contest. Someone may win all three contests! If you have any questions, please us know.

Contest and Discount  #1 

24 Day Challenge Contest – 3 different options with HUGE savings on the Advocare products. You can choose between 3 different options.
1.  24 Day Challenge Package  – Normal 24 Day Challenge products
2. Vitamins Package –
3. Energy Package
The actual contest will last from October 5 and will end on October 29th.

October 24 Day Challenge Prizes– 1 Free Month of Boot Camp, 50% Boot Camp, and 3 other prizes.
How can you win?
The person with the highest percent of weight loss between October 5th — October 29th.
Rules –  Be a participant in October Boot Camp, get weighed in Oct 4th, 5th, or 6th and also get the final weigh in on October 29th which is the last day of the 24 Days. You also must purchase one of the three packages to be eligible.
You do not have to be in the contest to take advantage of one of the 3 packages.

24 Day Challenge Group Meetings
This is what we do each month as a group to cover the program, directions, and how to get the best results in the 24 Day Challenge. If you are looking for more group accountability when it comes to nutrition, this will be great. We will meet October 5th, October 13th, October 26th as a group and each meeting will start at 7:30pm. You do not have to come to the meetings to be in the contest the meeting will help you. You do not have to participant in the meeting to be eligible to win the contest.
When October 5th, 7:30-8:30pm   
Where  – Linder Home  601 Loch Lane   Coppell, TX
You do not have to be in the Contest to take advantage in the discounts.
You do have to choose one of the packages that is on the form to get the discount that we are giving.

Turn in your payment with the forms ASAP. Last day is October 6th.

 Contest and Discount #2
 Referral Rewards Program –
We already have a great referral program that allows you to earn a free month and get discounts for bringing your friends, neighbors and co-workers with you to the Get You in Shape Boot Camp. The referral program only gives you discounts, though, when they sign up for a month of our program. The October Referral Rewards Program will reward you for just getting people to come try the program out. We want to help you get discounts so we are giving away coupons for you to give out for a FREE WEEK TRIAL of our program. It will be any week during October. We give you a number of ways that you can get your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone you see in town to help get them here on our blog, Click Here . If you need fliers, we have plenty of them, so just ask.
 Prizes – 1 Free Month of Boot Camp, 50% Boot Camp, and 3 other prizes.
 How you can win? –
Bring the most people to “check out” our program in the 4 weeks of the October Boot Camp. Meaning bring the most people for a Free Week. They have nothing to lose. We will have a sign up sheet with the attendance that anyone coming for a free session will need to sign with the person who referred them so we can keep track. Rules – Must be some who has never come before and someone can only come one week in October. (unless they want to join our boot camp after the free week). They must be a new participant, meaning they have never been in our program or tried a session out before.
 How can Get You In Shape help You get people to come for free?
There are a number of different ways that we give you and you can read the blog we made with all the different ways below. But we have hopefully made it so easy that all you have to do it print out the coupons for a Free Week Boot Camp Trial and go from there.
 We can come to your workplace, group meeting, have a free onsite boot camp, etc. There is a lot of ways we can help you. You can get a lot of tips on the referral blog,
Click Here

Contest #3
Boot Camp Participant Workout –
That’s right, we are letting you make and design a workout that all the classes will do. We know many of you love to know what exercises and workout of the day we are doing (some even come to the notebooks and take a peak at it during breaks). We also know many of you will be able to put together some fun workouts that we can use to both have fun and get in a great workout.  
Prizes – 3 Personal Training Sessions ($225 Value) to the winner and other prizes for runner ups
 How to win – Make and design a workout and then email it to us.  The trainers will then pick the top few and a winner from all the workouts that are turned in.
Workouts need to be emailed to us by October 8th

Get You In Shape will also be hosting a Client Appreciation Party on October 2nd.