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Get You In Shape April Newsletter

 Get You In Shape Newsletter

How to stay motivated during the
Summer Months


Let’s face it, the summer is always a
tough time to stay motivated to achieving your health and
fitness goals. The kids being home from school cuts in to
finding extra time for mom to get her workout in is tough.
The summer is also a lot hotter so you just don’t feel like
working out in the heat. Summer is also a time when you
travel more than normal by taking a vacation for a week or
two (or more) throughout the summer. Whatever the case may
be, from a fitness professional’s point of view, we know the
next 3-4 months are always a tough time get our clients

This is why it’s great to come up with 4 ways to help keep
you motivated this summer.

1. Pay for the motivation – Many people have the
motivation but they do not have the knowledge to actually
put an effective program in place that helps them achieve
the goals they want to achieve. There are many different
fitness programs our there that you can pay for coaching,
knowledge, education, and someone to MOTIVATE you during the
tough summer time. You can pay for boot camp, yoga, Pilates,
personal training, or just about any fitness type program
these days. Most of them are relatively inexpensive (besides
private personal training) and give you the motivation you
would not otherwise get on your own.  The other factor is
the extra motivation that you paid for this service and you
will use it. Most people don’t end up going to the local gym
because it’s so cheap they just factor it in with their
monthly bills. If you are paying for a fitness services, you
know you are going to get to the sessions as much as you can
because your paying more (for the coaching, training,
service, and motivating environment). I know if I pay for
something, I am going to show up the majority of times to
make sure I get my money’s worth.

2. Get a friend or a group of friends together

The reason why the Get You In Shape boot camp and our 24 Day
Challenge has been so successful is because it’s a group of
folks interested in achieving the same results. The group
support and motivation along with a personal trainer leading
the group is one reason why we highly suggest both of these
programs to anyone looking to get started. You can do the
same by getting a friend or a group of friends together
during the summer. Sitting down and covering some goals you
would like to achieve and helping each other stay
accountable to those goals will help motivate you to do the
things necessary to help you stay on track during the summer
months. You will also need to write down some things you
will need to do each week as a group in order to help you
achieve these goals. Some simples ones are exercises 3-5
times a week (you choose as a group), stay on track together
on the nutrition, and have regular measurement and weigh in
days. There is a reason why Weight Watchers and other weight
loss centers have such great results on that is the
motivation behind having a support group.

3. Find a run or and focus on preparing for it.
One of
our 5 steps in the Get You In Shape Program is defining
goals and motivation. Having a goal or something to shoot
for during the hard summer months can help motivate you the
(many) days you may not feel like working out. Many of our
boot campers and clients have started training for different
races or events. Some have done the Mud Run, the Tough
Mudder, and Jail Break. Others have prepares for a 5k, 10k,
or even half-marathons. Most of these come with an “how to”
on preparing for the event which will allow you to have a
week by week blue print on what you need to do each day to
prepare for the race or event.
Knowing that you have a few months helps you stay motivated
to eat better, take care of your body and train. Even if you
have a bad day or week, you always have that race or event
in mind and can get “back on the horse.” It’s is not so much
the actually run or race but the time and preparation that
helps keep you going and motivated to get your ready for it
that helps. So look online for a local race or run and start
getting ready for it.

4. Pick a major event coming up to focus on – Many of
our Get You In Shape Boot Camp clients and Personal Training
clients come to us because they have a major event coming
up. Weddings, reunions, trips, anniversaries, and
graduations are just a few of major events. Whatever it may
be, focus on that event and start planning on what steps you
need to start taking in order to achieve the be in the best
shape you can be by the time the event comes around. Knowing
your going to be in a wedding or have a wedding to attend in
a few months can be a huge motivation for someone looking to
lose weight or tone up. Have that be the motivational tool
behind your summer nutrition and workout plans. A lot of
people have a goal to look good on the beach. If that is
you, you have to have a plan in place in order to stay
motivated to actually look good when the time to go to the
beach comes. Pick that event, plan on what you will need to
do in order to achieve results, and START.

There are only four tips because you can pick any one of
these four and stay in shape during the tough summer months.
Good Luck and let us know if you have any questions.

Oh and one more thing – if you're serious about taking your health and fitness to the next level this year, why not take advantage of a free boot camp session or consultation with us. Go to our sign up page to do that.

Remember – If you focus on results, you will never see change.

If you focus on CHANGE, you will ALWAYS see RESULTS.

In Health

Brad Linder 
The Get You In Shape Team

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