General Information about Get You In Shape Sessions -

General Information about Get You In Shape Sessions

When you sign up, you will get all the tools that we have built to get each new Get You In Shape client off to a fast start. This is General Information that you may need before starting or before coming to your initial consultation and trial session with us.

Get You In Shape’s fitness philosophy is backed by a lot of research, education, and experience. Each person needs to realize the importance of being healthy and in shape and the role those play in the way we think, feel, and act. Finding your balance in exercise, eating well-balanced meals, and ensuring your body is getting the proper nutrition will allow you to get quick results in a healthy way. It will also help you change your lifestyle over time and help you reach your long-term goals.

Below are the answers to several questions you might have about our program. If you have any others, please contact us. We are here for you!

When are classes held? 5:30am, 6:30am, 8am, 12:00pm, 5pm and 6:15pm *
You may attend ANY class time if you are a client of Get You In Shape. If you miss a morning class, come to an evening class. Keep a copy of the accountability calendar for quick reference.

Where are classes held? All classes are held at Andy Brown Park East  (Map it here)
(260 East Parkway Boulevard, Coppell, TX 75019). All sessions are usually held to the northeast of Kid Country (west of the pavilion) close to the swimming pool. Other common places include the softball fields and on the outdoor basketball court by the lake.

What about cold weather or rain? We will be outside most days but if it gets about 37 degrees, the trainer may make a choice to go inside the Coppell Aquatics Center for the morning sessions. Just plan on being prepared for both as the weather gets around 37 degrees or so.
All evening sessions, though, are outside regardless of the weather.
If it’s raining, we will be either under the outdoor pavilion in the Andy Brown East parking lot or inside the Coppell Aquatic Center. All evening sessions, though, will be outside if it’s raining, regardless of the rain.

What should I bring?  A thick fitness mat to protect you from the concrete (available at any Wal-Mart, Target, Academy, etc), 3 or 5 pound weights (or heavier ones if you want), WATER, sunscreen (if there is sun), and a small towel.

What should I wear? Cross training shoes or running shoes and weather-appropriate clothing are necessities. Also, women should wear a sports bra (search bra on our blog for more information). If you are coming when the sun is out, we suggest wearing sun screen.

What about showers and changing? There are outside bathrooms at the park. If you would like to shower, we do have access to the Coppell Aquatics and Recreation Center but there is a $2 charge each day for the use of the showers.

What if I miss a day? You have a couple of options: 1) You can do two workouts in one day to make it up, or 2) You can use the many tools on the Get You In Shape member’s only website. You may come to up to fourteen sessions in your 4-week boot camp.

Is there a 100% Money Back Guarantee? Yes! We just ask that you come to at least 12 sessions, ask the coaches/ trainers for help, get all your measurements, turn in your food journal to get help, and follow the Get You In Shape Program. If you are not satisfied, we will kindly refund your money.

Start concentrating on your body! Start to be aware of YOUR body and its movements. How are you walking, sitting, and exercising? Start doing everything with your shoulders back and down and your belly button drawn in toward your spine and your feet pointing straight ahead. We will always tell you where you should feel the exercise; start being aware of that on each exercise. Get You In Shape will help you, but it will be your job to keep yourself aware.