Former President Bush to Support Pushups For Charity -

Former President Bush to Support Pushups For Charity


Mar 27

President Bush
“Pushusp or Charity is a great way for all American’s to Get Fit, Have Fun, and Make a Difference. Just do as many pushups as you can in 90 seconds. That’s all there is to it.  Every Pushup raises money for Wounded Warrior Project, which is an outstanding charitable organization dedicated to honoring and empowering injured men and women of our armed services. These courageous warriors put themselves in harms way to protect our way of life. We can’t forget their sacrifices or that of their families because the greatest tragedy is being forgotten. I encourage every America to participate in Pushups For Charity either by doing Pushups yourself or simply donating. Get Fit Have Fun and Make a Difference.”

Coppell Residents Challenge Fire and Police Departments to Pushups Contest For Wounded Warriors

Coppell, TX – Coppell will host The Pushups For Charity Challenge that will put the Coppell Fire, Coppell Police against the regular average Joe’s and Jane’s in the Coppell area. This is a national event being held during the month of April to help raise local awareness for fitness and to raise money for wounded warriors.  There will be Pushups for Charity events across the nation involving thousands of participants and generating thousands of dollars each in donations to support our wounded warriors.
There will be Pushups for Charity Challenge on Saturday, April 9th with three teams competing:

  1. Regular Joe’s and Jane’s – open to all Coppell area residents
  2. Coppell Police Department
  3. Coppell Fire Department

“The Police Department looks forward to participating in pushups for charity with the Fire Department and citizens of Coppell,” Captain Tony Pletcher of the Police Department said of this event. “This event is for a great cause and we want to show our support for the Wounded Soldiers Project and honor soldiers that have been wounded defending our country.”

“Our goal is two-fold,” explains Brad Linder, owner of Get You In Shape, the Coppell Boot Camp and Fitness Service Provider running the Pushups for Charity event here in Coppell, “we want to show our support for the wounded warriors who have sacrificed so much for our freedom and security, and we want to engage our local community in a fun way to get fit.”

Complete information is available at for those who want to participate, donate or just come out and watch these three teams compete to see who can do the most pushups in 90 seconds. The event will be April 9th at 10am at Coppell High School.

“There’s no denying that when folks get engaged in positive and rewarding activities like charity and fitness, they feel better, perform better and frankly, are generally kinder and more enjoyable to be around!  This is one thing we can do to positively impact our town and our country,” says Linder.

“All participants and people who help with a small donation are rewarded with a valuable home study fitness program we’ve designed based on our 8 years of helping Coppell residents get in great shape.  Anyone and everyone are welcome to participate or to just help out with the cause with a simple donation.  View the video at for more details and to register,” instructs Linder.