Fitness Exercise of the Month - Try this Core Exercise to strengthen the Core and ABS! -

Fitness Exercise of the Month – Try this Core Exercise to strengthen the Core and ABS!


Mar 31

Fitness and Exercise Tip of the Month! How to perform the bicycle for the abs.

Everyone wants 6 pack abs. This month, Get You In Shape will show you one of the best abs exercises you can do to help shape your abs. There are a few different types of exercises you can do for the bicycle but we will only explain one this month

 • Lie down on back and bring both legs up in the air bent at a 90% and then straighten (locking your knees)them flexing your toes toward your shin.

Fitness & Exericse Tips of the Month

Fitness & Exericse Tips of the Month

• Put hands by your ears and elbows out to side. Keeping your back on the mat or floor, bring one knee in to your chest as you twist your opposite elbow and try to touch that knee that is coming in with your elbow.
• Use your abs to twist and focus on your back pressing into the mat.
• Bring your leg back as you straighten both legs (flex toes and lock knees) before bringing in the other leg and twisting your upper body to the other side.
• Twist your body to touch the knee and repeat.
Reminders or KEYS – Your legs should be at an angle so that your ABS are engaged and your back should not be arched. There should not be any room in between your back and the mat in the entire exercise. You should focus on

Fitness & Exercise of the Month

Fitness & Exercise of the Month

 that because your abs have to be engaged if you are pressing your back into the mat (you are using your inner abs muscles to do this).

Strengthen core
Focus on keeping your back in the mat or floor at all times and using your abs to twist and not your head, neck, or arms.

Strength Goals:
Strengthen muscles of the core

Perform 15-20 at first and progress after that.

Add ankle weights*

*Not pictured

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