Fitness Boot Camp Workouts for Mar Week #4 -

Fitness Boot Camp Workouts for Mar Week #4

Workout Of The Day

Mar 28

Coppell Boot and personal trainer workouts for March Boot Camp week #4

We are starting to prepare everyone who would like to run our Coppell 5 with us on May 7th to help support the Copppell Special Olympics Texas Teams.
This just means that most of the off day cardio will be designed to help you achieve the 5k which is 3.1 miles.

Tabata’s!   Count each rep for a total score.
Ab Mats
Push ups
Air Squats

5-10 Minute warm up with core exercises also
1 minute slow/1 minute medium/1 min fast for 30-45 minutes

90 Seconds Push Ups Test – Please help us promote our event to our community –

Warm up – Pillar Bridge to time (time yourself how long you can hold in the pillar bridge)
Sprints (or whatever fast speed you have)
Find somewhere a straight path that you can go for 30 seconds at your hard pace. Rest for 2 minutes before starting again.
Try to get 10-15 repetitions of this

Friday – Fun Last Day of March Boot Camp Workout.

try doing for 45 minutes at whatever pace is needed. If you have the ability to track your miles, put it in your notes how long you went.