Fat loss 24 Day Challenge Results -

Fat loss 24 Day Challenge Results


Mar 15

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Results

We always get the basic questions. Does the program work? What are the supplements? What is the diet like?
I want to give you just a few of the many folks we have personally helped with the Adovcare 24 Day Challenge. We think this is a total program that can help you achieve your short term and long term goals after the 24 Day Challenge is over.
Let here from a few folks and their experience with the 24 Day Challenge.

Lost 11 Pounds and 6.40% body weight in 24 Days

Alissa’s Story

1. Name, what you do and where you live

Alissa Jaquish.  My wonderful husband, Jake, and I have three fun and inspiring little ones: our oldest girl in Kindergarten, our next little girl in Preschool, and our toddling son.  We love living in Coppell because of the wonderful community and school system, and plan to stay put at least until everyone is through high school.  I work for Southwest Airlines in the Marketing Department, running market research (mostly via online surveys because we, like you, hate when folks interrupt dinnertime with unsolicited phone calls!) to help improve the experiences of our Customers.

2. What did your life look like before the 24 Day Challenge?
I was committed to boot camp, attending 99% of the days that neither my husband nor I were traveling.  However, I was not eating healthfully at all.  On some level, I think I justified more junk food because I knew that 24DayChallengeAdvocareunlike the five years prior, I was finally exercising again.  So, despite nine months of boot camp, the scale hadn’t moved and I didn’t look much different at all.  I had the right long term goals, to have more happy years with my wonderful family, but am embarrassed to say that those goals weren’t enough.

3. Why did you decide to do the 24 Day Challenge?
My family went through a hard time last fall.  My father-in-law, with whom we are very close, was in the hospital for about a month recovering from stroke and undergoing quadruple bypass surgery, amongst other things.  My husband had been on his way to achieving his goal of running 500 miles over the course of the year, but had all but stopped when he began spending so much time in his dad’s hospital room.  We were just trying to get through day-to-day while supporting our kids and his dad.
So, when my friend asked me to run the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon with her over the Christmas break, I hardly listened to her.  We didn’t have time for it.  Beyond that, I couldn’t run a mile in high school, was running 10+ minute miles on a good day in boot camp, and never thought of myself as a runner.
But, then I paused to think more about it.  Jake and I deserved some quiet time, and as well this would get him running again.  It seemed even more important now, given the health issues we now knew he could inherit from his dad.  I needed a short term goal to work toward.  (And, though it’s awful to write this alongside such issues as dad’s stroke, I had to get in a wet suit with all my coworkers in the end of January for a team building event.  Every girl’s nightmare!)
So, we both committed to the half.  We needed a way to make sure we were getting the right nutrition to support the long runs as well as wanting to make it easier on ourselves by shedding extra pounds, so we signed up for the 24 Day Challenge together.
4. What was your first impression of the 24 Day Challenge?

I was open minded and motivated.  I knew it had worked for friends and I trusted Brad.  I used to think that products like Advocare were too manufactured to be healthy, but realized I was fooling myself.  I was eating a ton of totally processed foods—it had to be better than that.
I could finally envision myself thinner.  I knew I had the strength to do it for 24 days, especially with the wet suit coming just a few days after the end of the challenge.
5. What were a few of the things you liked about the 24 Day Challenge?

I enjoyed the experience of making healthy decisions with my husband.  I loved that we were cooking healthier dinners for us and for our kids.  I also enjoyed the shakes.  They’re great blended with ice and sometimes fruit for breakfast.  And, for lunch, they’re super convenient to keep in a desk drawer.  I found it empowering to eat healthfully at work, skipping the cafeteria and the cliché ever present birthday cake in the break room.

6. What were the benefits you achieved from the 24 Day Challenge?
I lost 11 pounds and inches on the 24 day challenge.  Or, as I like to think of it, I lost 13 pounds on the 31 day challenge, because I’ve mostly kept to the same routine that you begin on day 11 of the challenge.  It’s still working for me.
My husband lost nearly as much, plateauing at what his doctor calls his ideal weight.  It’s even more gratifying seeing him eat and be so healthy.  He’s even off of his blood pressure meds!  What a wonderful example we’re setting for our kids.  I’m super proud of that.

Beyond that, we are achieving our running goals.  We each ran 8 miles yesterday. Boot camp, supplemented greatly by the 11 inches off my frame, gave me the core and leg strength to change my outlook on my health and my athletic ability.  If the high-school version of myself could see me now- nearly ready to run a half marathon after three kids and years of being sedentary- she’d be floored.

7. What would you say to anyone looking at the 24 Day Challenge?
Go for it!  You have nothing to lose (but the weight) and everything to gain.  It changes your body, your health, your confidence… the list goes on and on.

Todd Wilxox

Todd Lost 20 Pounds on the24 Day Challenge which was 8.00% of his total body weight!

Here is Todd’s Story
My name is Todd Wilcox, I live in Coppell,  and I just completed the 24 Day Challenge.  Over the 24 days, I lost 20 pounds and almost 8 inches.  Ultimately, I look better and I feel  great.  By closely following the guidelines laid out by the GYIS staff, I got great results.

I own my own business, and I am constantly on the run. My daily life before was to get amped up on 3-4 cups of coffee in the morning, usually throw in a fast food lunch, and overeat and drink at dinner and on weekends.  I had low energy levels in the afternoon and would generally be exhausted by the evening.  I rarely had “time” to exercise.

I started the GYIS Boot Camp in November after deciding that my daily pattern needed to change.  The exercise program helped me focus on my health and got me motivated to continue.  After the normal holiday splurge, I wanted to start the year with something that would give me a strong start and make a lasting change.

24DayChallengeAdvocareFor me, the program required commitment, but it was not difficult to follow.  The first few days were a little rough, as I stopped the coffer intake.  By Day 4, I felt great and immediately saw positive results.  The program is not about starving yourself, so it wasn’t like a typical diet.  It is just about cutting out the poor nutritional foods that we get in a habit of eating.  The Advocare products were easy to use and had a great positive impact.  I certainly plan to continue with several of the nutritional adjustments and the Advocare supplements.

I recommend the 24 Day Challenge to anyone who wants jump start their health plan.  I plan to build on the great results and make a positive change in my heath in 2012.

Hunter and Phil Hagan
31 Pounds Total between the two of them  in 24 Days

Hunter came into the program with the fitness part of the program down. He was working out twice a day. He just needed a total change in the nutrition department. He followed the program and lost 20.4 pounds and losing 8.40 % of his body weight during the program.
Hunter is on the left of the video

My name is Hunter Hagan, I am a student at Coppell High School and I live in Coppell.

Let’s Here Hunter Story

My life before the 24 challenge was very different. I worked out everyday, but I wasn’t refueling my body with healthy foods. Often times I would come and eat junk food and drink sodas.  I decided to do the 24 day challenge because I was headed down a road of being extremely overweight.

My first impression of the 24 day challenge was, I was very impressed. The first meeting was well organized and gave incredible guide lines on how to be successful of the challenge. I really liked the fact that I could lose 24DayChallengeAdvocareweight and gain muscle. I was glad that one of their main points was that you would be losing fat and not muscle.

The benefits I have received have been, I feel extremely faster. I play lacrosse and football and the 24 day challenge helped me become quicker and more agile. I lost 20 pounds in 24 days.

If anyone is interested in the 24 day challenge i would tell them that, the reward is so incredible and it really changes your life. I would say don’t hold anything back and go all in and just follow the guidelines.

Tarah West. Tarah Lost 12.4 and 6.07% weight loss on the 24 Day Challenge. Let’s hear Tarah’s 24 Day Challenge story and how she was able to lose 12.4 pounds and 6.07% of her body weight in just 24 Days.

Allison Jones 11 Pounds and 6% Body Fat

24 Day Challenge Before After

1. Name, where you are from, and what you do

Allison Jones from Coppell, TX. I am a Director at a commercial real estate company in Irving

2. Where were you before the 24 Day Challenge and
why did you decide to join the 24 Day Challenge?.

Before the 24 Day Challenge I was in a good routine of working out before I started the Challenge but had let my eating slip off considerably over the summer. We had lots of visitors, parties, etc over the summer and we ended up eating out too much and letting our kids do the same. I had thought about doing the challenge for several months but was always making an excuse….May it was my son’s first birthday and Mother’s Day, then it was Father’s Day and my birthday and then family in town. I was really excited when I saw that you guys were doing a bigger challenge this month and knew that this was my time to not make excuses. The main reason that I decided to join the challenge was to get myself back on track. I was unhappy with where I was eating wise and how it was making me feel and I really wanted to get off some more of the weight that I am trying to get rid of from my last pregnancy. I was hoping that this could really get me back on track and get me back in healthy habits.

3. What was your impression with the first few days of the 24 Day Challenge?

It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be. By having a few days after meeting with Cynthia to shop, etc before getting started, I feel like I was really ready when I started. The fiber drink was probably the worst part of it but Chaney suggested mixing it with a shake and that made a HUGE difference. I was also very pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t hungry or craving things. I was amazed that eating more protein in my snacks could really keep me more satisfied. I found myself not snacking while i was making dinner and not craving carbs the way that I thought i would. I also really liked the check list. It really kept me conscious of following the plan. Overall, it was much easier than I thought it would be with a bit of planning and following the plan.

4. How is the 24 Day Challenge program unique – why you enjoy it – why is it different than other programs you have tried?

I’ve never tried anything like this before because I was always worried about how safe they were, etc. I have friends at work who have done “cleanses” and it just looked miserable. They could only eat vegetables for the first week and were taking tons and tons of pills. It just looked horrible. I had talked to a few people at boot camp who have done the challenge and they really seemed to enjoy it and I definitely trust all of the people that I’ve talked to and you guys. I’ve done a lot of Weight Watchers over the years, and although I’ve had great success with it at times, looking back, I feel like it wasn’t necessarily teaching me how to eat better food. I definitely learned portion size and watching calories, etc, but this system really has me looking at ingredients and labels a lot more. I feel like I’m eating the right kinds of foods and learning that even though other programs had me eating lower calorie things, that this really showed me “better” foods. The snacking advice really made a huge difference too. Instead of just eating fruit because it’s lower calorie, adding in a protein makes the snack much more useful, which is something that I had never done before. Overall, I feel like the program has really taught me a lot about food and what to eat/not to eat and when, which is something that I now know that I struggled with.

5. What results and benefits you have received from the 24 Day Challenge?

I think (I can’t remember what my initial weight was at the seminar) that I’ve lost almost 11 pounds. More than that though, I’m able to wear pants that I couldn’t just 24 days ago and there are pants that I’ve been wearing for months that I put on and they are just too big. And, on a whim last night I tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans and got them on. I was floored when this happened. I feel like my body has changed so much more than I could have hoped for in this 24 days. I also feel like a completely different person. The improved eating has really made me feel great and I think that has helped my energy levels a lot. The spark in the afternoon is wonderful too. I feel like I’ve been tired since I went back to work a year ago (after my baby) and no matter what I do, I don’t have any energy at night. During this experience, I’ve found myself more awake and energetic at night, which has allowed me to spend more time with my husband and be more active with my kids. Overall, I feel that my whole family has benefited from me doing this program, but most of all, I feel better physically, mentally and better about myself every day.

6 What did you like best about the 24 Day Challenge?

I love the products and how I really felt like they helped me along. I was able to find some new products that I’m continuing to use that will continue to help me live a happy and healthy life. I also like and appreciate the way that you all coached us along and were always there to motivate us. It meant a lot to get the emails and to have you or Chaney checking up to see how things were going. And overall, the thing that I like best is that I feel like a new person and I don’t’ want to stop this journey and I KNOW that I can continue this on to my goal weight and shape.

Here is another note that Alison wanted to sent us
I wanted to thank you all for introducing me to the 24 Day Challenge. I truly think that it’s changed my life. After I had my second child last summer I’ve really struggled to get back to where I was beforehand. I was in the best shape of my life before that and was working out 5-6 days a week. I was able to do Weight Watchers in the fall (which I’ve had very good success with in the past), but really stalled out around the holidays. That’s when I found out about Susan Wilson doing the Get You In Shape boot camp and finally got up the nerve to start in February, on the snow week. I absolutely love boot camp and how much stronger and in shape it’s made me, but I’ve struggled over the last 6 months with my eating.

I had heard about the 24 day challenge and knew a few people who had done it and really wanted to try it in May, but I always seemed to find an excuse…birthdays, Mother’s Day, family in town, etc. When you sent out the email about the contest this month, I knew that this was my best shot at doing it. I talked to my family about doing it and my husband was very supportive and I’ve just been thrilled at the results. More than just the weight loss and the clothes that I haven’t fit in to for a while, I just feel so much better. I was amazed that I could eat this well and not crave the carbs and sugar that I always felt like I needed. I was amazed that doing something like adding protein to my snacks would help keep me full longer. I’ve also struggled a lot with energy since my second was born. I have a more than 40 hour a week job plus family commitments, a husband who is a rugby coach and trying to fit in time for myself (which is normally boot camp), has been a real challenge. I’ve been amazed at how much more energy I really have now with eating better and the Spark. I really feel like this has been a great addition to my routine. I take it in the afternoon and I don’t feel like I’m exhausted at 7pm anymore. I think that product is just great.

Overall, I’m just thrilled with the results of the 24 Day Challenge. I have so much more energy than before and feel like my kids and husband are reaping the benefits of that. I’ve also been able to turn around our summertime bad habits of eating out too much and eating convenience foods and we’re all eating much healthier now. The interesting thing to me is that I thought that I would be craving all of this bad stuff when I got done with the challenge and I was surprised to find out that I really just wanted to have another salad for lunch today. I’m just amazed at how this has really changed my life and made so many aspects of it better.

Thanks to you and Chaney for all of the help along the way and all of the motivation. I really feel like I’ve won a lot in the past 24 days.



Dawna Icenhour Lost 6 Pounds and 4% Body Fat

1. Name, where you are from, and what you do?
Dawna Icenhour from Coppell TX. I am an LVN in a pediatric clinic.

2. Where where you before the 24 Day Challenge and
why did you decide to join the 24 Day Challenge?.

I was just beginning the Get You In Shape boot camp experience and wanted to get better results out of my work outs. I was not in good shape and feeling bad about myself. I wanted to look and Feel better about myself.

3. What was your impression with the first few days of the 24 Day Challenge?-
I did feel more energized. Learned a lot about food intake and keeping track of what I eat.

4. How is the 24 Day Challenge program unique – why you enjoy it – why is
it different than other programs you have tried?-

Its very structured, cleansing, gives you energy and really makes a difference in how you eat and feel.

5. What results and benefits you have received from the 24 Day Challenge?-
I lost 6 pounds and a few inches. learned how to eat better.

6 What did you like best about the 24 Day Challenge?-
I like the spark energy drinks and the meal replacement shakes. And although the fiber drinks were difficult to get down, I feel they were a very effective cleanse.

My story involves both the Get You In Shape Boot Camp and the Advocare 24 day challenge.

I have spent most of my adult life yo-yoing with my weight, my exercise routines, and my eating habits. While I have never been morbidly obese, I have been overweight and definitely out of shape. I understand many people struggle with their weight more than I have, but for me it has included a battle with depression. Depression almost always wins when you don’t have the tools, the knowledge and encouragement to get yourself in shape.

I have had gym memberships. I have gone, and lost some pounds, and mentally told myself “that’s it! You’re doing it! :-)” and thought I had found the answers, only to fall back out of the routine and immediately put the weight back on, and sometimes more. It was hard to keep myself motivated to go, and to workout by myself. It got boring sometimes, and then the gym would be so crowded at other times it was frustrating. I could not get to the pieces of equipment that I wanted and often would leave without doing a very productive workout. Then the cycle would start over. Depression, over eating, skipping the gym too often, etc, etc.

Then I found Coppell Boot Camp. I decided to see what it was all about. My gym obsessed friend declined to join with me, so I joined by myself. But I wasn’t by myself. 😀 There were many people like me there. Many motivated and pleasant people to workout with. I IMMEDIATELY learned what I had been doing wrong all this time. Working out is good, but paying attention to what I was putting into my body was an even BIGGER eye opener for me, and ultimately is what is helping to change my mind and body.

The Get You In Shape Coppell Boot Camp offers SO much important information I can’t believe how fast I started changing. Brad and Cynthia are so involved with how everyone is doing, and I am not afraid to ask them questions or for help. The trainers are all awesome. Very pleasant, happy, warm and caring. None of them act like it is a job. They all treat us like we are friends and they get so excited to know how we are progressing. I like being able to talk about my ups and downs and not feeling like I am a nuisance or just another paycheck to them.

Since starting in July, and starting advocare products in august, I have lost approximately ten pounds and several inches off my waist. My 24 day challenge trainer, Julie Smith, always tells me how different I am looking; losing weight and inches. I have better energy, and whats more important, I have a greater desire to go workout. I never miss a session if I can help it.

From earlier this year when I was at my worst weight, I am down 15-17 pounds. 😀 I still have a ways to go, but it is the most fun I have had getting in shape, and the program is made better by the wonderful people who run it. I will continue going for as long as possible.

Thank you Get You In Shape!!

-Dawna Icenhour, coppell resident

Kineta English-White – Lost 8.2 pounds and 4% body fat

Kineta lost 8.2 Pounds and 4 % body fat in just 24 Days.

1. Name, where you are from, and what you do?

Kineta English-White, from Stone Mountain, GA. I am a Certified Pharmacy Technician for DaVita Pharmacy.

2. Where where you before the 24 Day Challenge and why did you decide to join the 24 Day Challenge?

Let me go all the way back to where I was prior to starting boot camp. I was always blessed with a high metabolism, but no one warns you that having a child and getting older can alter that a little. Plus I have always been the girl that went to the gym just so I could where the cute workout clothes and I NEVER wanted to sweat!! But one month of Get You in Shape COMPLETELY changed my entire view on working out and now I believe if I am NOT sweating I am not working hard enough!!

Before the 24 Day Challenge, I had just completed my first month of boot camp and I was very pleased with the inches that I had lost, but I had not lost any weight. So I felt that I had a good handle on the exercise but the nutrition was definitely lacking. So when Brad offered a “fail-proof” plan to get the nutrition under control, increase my energy level, and help me lose the weight, I jumped at the opportunity.

3. What was your impression with the first few days of the 24 Day Challenge?

The first few days were extremely hard with that Fiber Drink and stripping my entire system of all the bad foods that I was used to. But it gradually got better and now looking back, the first few days were a whole lot easier than the last few days of the challenge!!

4. How is the 24 Day Challenge program unique – why you enjoy it – why is it different than other programs you have tried?

I think what makes the system so unique is that it is a total body care system. This program did not just focus on my energy level or weight control – it addressed my lack of essential vitamins, added a pro biotic to boost what was being removed during the cleanse, and provided a step-by-step plan to help continue this new routine past 24 days.

5. What results and benefits you have received from the 24 Day Challenge?

I think the biggest physical benefit has been the loss of 8.2 pounds!!! But I have received an overall sense of better health. I feel better from the inside out. and the healthy habits learned during the challenge I can apply everyday to not only myself but my entire family.

6 What did you like best about the 24 Day Challenge?

For me the best part was the 10 Day Cleanse, well at least the last 3 days of it!! I had very strict guidelines on what I could or could not eat, and I just found that a lot easier to maintain than the later half of the Challenge. But overall it was an excellent experience!!

Kenny West. Kenny Lost 11.4 Pounds and 5.38% weight loss on the 24 Day Challenge. Here is his story of how the 24 Day Challenge worked for him.

Koby Dickenson. Koby Lost 12.4 Pounds and 5.04 % weight loss on the 24 Day Challenge. Here is his quick version of how the 24 Day Challenge was for him.

Here is Laura West’s story from the 24 Day Challenge.

Here is Janet Fetsch sharing her 24 Day Challenge Story

Chris Lost 6 Pounds and 2.8 % body fat in 24 Days

Chris’s Take on the 24 Day Challenge

1. Name, where you are from, and what you do?
From Highland Village, where I work in the mortgage business for the last 10 years. I am also in the process of becoming a personal trainer.

2. Where where you before the 24 Day Challenge and
why did you decide to join the 24 Day Challenge?.

I started getting back in to working out on my 40th birthday back in February of 2010. I read up on the 24 day challenge and found the overall focus on fitness very interesting compared to some of the other challenges that focus strictly on working out or strictly on diet.

3. What was your impression with the first few days of the 24 Day Challenge?-
I was excited by the 24 day challenge from the beginning. I had never really done a “cleansing” before. As for the eating schedule, I was already pretty much on a five meal a day schedule whenever possible.

4. How is the 24 Day Challenge program unique – why did you enjoy it – why is it different than other programs you have tried?
The “cleanse” stage was unique to the 24 day challenge. I think that it helped prepare my body for the vitamins. Most other programs that I have tried do not have a cleansing stage.

5. What results and benefits you have received from the 24 Day Challenge?-
I lost 6 pounds and I noticed a significant difference after the first week in the way that I felt and the way that I was sleeping. I was sleeping more soundly after the first week of cleansing and clean eating. I also noticed an increase in energy especially during the evening hours.

6 What did you like best about the 24 Day Challenge?-
The thing that I liked most about the 24 day challenge was the structure and the fact that someone was there to assist with questions and guidance throughout its entirety.

Here are a few success Stories from our 24 Day Challenge

You can see more on our You Tube Channel

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