Exercise of the Month – Fitness Exercise that helps strengthen abs- The bicycle


Jan 28
Exercise of the month- Exercise that strengthens the abs

Exercise of the month- Exercise that strengthens the absExercise of the Month - The Bicycle is a great exercise to strengthen the abs

·       Lye on your back and bring your legs up

Relax legs as you press your lower back into ground

Bring fingers and place them by your ears without putting pressure on your head

While pressing back into ground extend one leg straight towards ceiling (or sky) and bring opposite elbow to the knee that is still towards the chest

·       Bring leg back while straightening the other leg and switching elbows

·       Keys: keep lower back pressed into mat; bring elbows to knee with abs; straighten leg by locking knee; leg should be at angle where ABS stay engaged and NOT your back.


Start slow and work your way up to one minute 


Other Options – Slow Bicycle

Same as regular bicycle except you would start with your legs both out straight (keeping your lower back pressed into to mat using your core)

Bring one leg in as you bring your opposite elbow to your knee and the other leg stays straight as you continue to press lower back into mat.

Bring leg out again as both legs are once again out straight and then bring the opposite leg in.

Remember to maek sure your legs go at an angle so that your abs stay engaged and not your lower back

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