Dallas TX Boot Camp and Personal Trainer – Weight Loss and Fitness Exercise of the Month


Oct 01

 Dallas TX Boot Camp and Personal Trainer – Weight Loss and Fitness Exercise of the Month

Dallas TX Boot Camp and Personal Trainer – Weight Loss and Fitness Exercise of the Month

The Glute Bridge – This Exercise is a great total Core exercise. It will help strengthen your glutes (but muscles), lower back , and abs (if they are engaged)

Proper Technique for STARTING: 

  • Lie on your back, pull shoulders back to the mat with knees and feet hip width apart or knees and feet about 3-6 inches apart, legs bent with heels close to glutes
  • Place palms facing sky or ceiling, with arms at 45° angle 
  • Lift glutes off the mat keeping weight in heels  
    • Pause at top before lowering to the mat
  • Repeat for 12-15 reps.

Modifications for More Advanced Fitness Levels – Next Progression

  • Perform exercise while lifting one leg in the air

Last Progression

  • Complete exercise using putting your feel on an exercise ball, chair or bed.
  • Place palms of hands on floor, arms at 45° angle, put heels on the ball and straighten legs (straight line from ankles to shoulders)
  • Keep shoulders pulled back and pull glutes off the mat using your heels to press in.
  • Pause at the top & repeat

 Reminders  – These are some key reminders that you need to pay attention to each time you perform this exercise.        

  • Keep core tight, contract glutes
  • Keep feet hip-width a part (3-6 in.)
  • Relax legs/limbs, weight in heels
  • Knees do not move

Tempo Options – It is always good to change the tempo options. You have heard the term “muscle confusion” changing the tempo options will help your body continue to have to adapt to the change.

  • Up 2, No Pause, Down 2
  • Up 1, Pause 2, Down 4
  • Quick up / down
  • Slow up/down

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