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Dallas Boot Camp and Personal Trainer Inspirational Tip


Mar 05

Rudy is one of the best movies around. Watching the true story of a guy that had nothing and worked very hard to achieve some amazing results.
Everytime it comes on the TV, I have to keep it there.
If you have not watced the movie, Rudy is a small town boy who is not very bright, very small, and no one thinks he will go anywhere in life except working where his father works (a local mill)
Rudy, though, has high hopes! He has Goals! He has Plans! His goal??? To play football to Notre Dame

Everyone tears his hopes and dreams down but Rudy hopes and dreams are not lost.
I will not bore you with the rest, but Rudy did make it and the rest is history.
There is a clip in the movie where Rudy is quiting. Someone that Rudy touched along he way came and touched RUDY and inspired him to keep going.

Hard Work, Determination, Effort, and a Willingness to KEEP GOING is what I love about Rudy. He inspired so many people. Here is a clip from Rudy.