Dallas and Coppell Boot Camp – Workout of the Day

Workout Of The Day

Jul 28

Post your total count
Person 1 – Run
Person 2 Squat Thrusters
Person 3 – AbMat situps
Person 4 Rests

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Angela Barta July 29, 2010

Julie, Katherine, Michelle, Sharon, and Angela – We made 441!

Marie July 28, 2010

Team Sylvia, Kristyn, Amy & Marie. Did 372 total. Way to give it your all team!

Cynthia July 28, 2010

Yay for Liz, Chris and Michelle we were able to get 496 or we could just say 500 to make things easy 🙂

Vicki Cathey July 28, 2010

Team Raphael, Terri, Jessica, Jean, Vicki total 395. Way to go team!!

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