Coppell Workouts For April Week #2 -

Coppell Workouts For April Week #2


Apr 09

Remember to always warm up and cool down. You can also add some core work in the off-day cardio to get more time in. We also suggest you try getting in some extra core exercises in with your off-day cardio. You will benefit just by doing the 5 exercises we have put on the ab page of the Get You In Shape Program.

Over the next 6 weeks we are going to be preparing everyone for the Pushup For Charity Challenge. The event will be on May 19th (or May 18th during a boot camp session if you can’t be there). We will be giving you some tips and information over the next 6 weeks but also will implement more pushup work on the off-days to help you prepare to push the most for our wounded military and veterans.

Monday – Boot Camp #4

Tuesday –
5-7 minutes – warm up with stretches
5-10 minutes – Core exercises – choose 5-10 exercises and get in one min each.
10 Minutes  – Cardio in Medium Pace
The rest of the workout will be based on Fitness levels. We suggest you do this outside but you can probably pull this off at your gym too. It will be for time so you try to complete it as fast as possible. The idea is that you will not be able to get too many pushups in toward the end before having to jog/run again.
The way it works is that you have to complete a certain number of pushups. You also have to hold herself up in the push up position. If you fall down, go to your kness, or rest, you have to run some where and back before starting again. So this workout will test your strength but also get your heart moving.
You want to pick a distance that it would take you about 30 seconds to get to an back while fresh (not tired). This is designed so that you will get tired and the pushups will get hard. So make it tough, get some cardio in and have some fun.
For Time –
Low Fitness Levels – 30 Pushups
Next Level up             50 Pushups
Intermediate               100 Pushups
Advanced                      150 Pushups
Remember, we want and need everyone to help us with the pushups for charity event. This is just a small way we all can come together and help our military and veterans.
So think of them over the next 6 weeks while we are doing more pushups than you would like.

– Boot Camp #5

Thursday – 5-10 Minutes of warm up, 5 min Core exercises, 5 minutes in slow/medium pace

30 Minutes at a slow pace. Since we are going M-W-F, and Sat this should be a active recovery day.

Extra Stretching today.

Friday -Boot Camp #5

Saturday – Boot Camp #6

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