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Coppell, TX – Personal Trainer's Tip of the Month


Jun 30

Coppell, TX – Personal Trainer’s tip of the month – How to stay in Shape with little time

This time of year is so hard. Kids are out of school, schedule is so strange, vacation season. I wanted to put together a few tips to help you stay in shape until the smoke clears in September.
Tips to get the most of your limited amount of time this time of year.
1. Work more body parts in less time ( Combination exercises) – Only having 10-15 minutes to workout should NOT be an excuse. You can burn a lot of calories in a 10-15 minute workout. The key is to get a high intensity workout in a short period.
     a. Do combination exercises like the exercise of the month (squat thrust). Other combo type exercises would be:
           Squat w/biceps curl
           Squat w/ 2 arm row
           Squat w/ shoulder press
            Lunge w/biceps curl
            Lunge w/ 2 arm row
            Lunge w/ shoulder press
    b. Do not take much time in between sets. Circuit training would be a great ideal workout if you do not have much time.
           Here is an example of this:
            Push Ups   – 30 – 60 seconds
            Squats       –  30-60 seconds
            2 arm rows   30-60 seconds
            Squat Thrusts (exercise of the month) 30-60 seconds
            Run in place 30-60 seconds
            REST – 30-60 seconds
2. Add tougher exercises – Tougher exercise means your body has to burn more calories.
           Do one set of Push Ups and do as many as you can do. Rest for 10 Seconds and do another set
           Add weight to a squat and do as many as you can do keeping your form. Rest 10 seconds and do another set
           Pull Ups – This takes a lot of effort and is tough to do. Do as many as you can do, rest 10-15 seconds and repeat
           The key is pushing your body as hard as you can in the short amount of time. Repeat and quickly move to the next exercise.
           Your body weight can be tough, so find more exercises you can to do add your body weight to it. That is one reason why the Push Up can be the best body weight exercise.

3. Make a schedule – You only have 10-15 minutes a day? That is fine! You can plan ahead by getting a high intensity exercise in each day in a short amount of time. I myself can attest to this as sometime I only have 15 minutes. You have to plan ahead and make sure you get a great workout in. Having a workout already in place will allow you to stick to your short workout. I know you may think that you only have 15 minutes (what’s the point), but you actually can get a lot accomplished in that time.

4. Have a goal –  You all have scene p90X commercials, right? Why does is work? You have a PLAN!!! People need something to look forward to. Something to push for. The P90X is a 90 step- by – step plan that is all laid out for you. It helps you follow this same plan. It helps motivate you to stick to the plan because you HAVE to follow it. Why do people get awesome results? Because they stay consistent with a workout 60 minutes a day for 6 days a week for 90 days. If ANYONE worked  out that much, they are bound to have great results. Having a goal and making a plan to reach that goal is 1 way to help you workout when you do only have 10-15 minutes to workout and you may not feel like it.

5. Stick to the basics –
1. Eat breakfast, mid-morning snack, healthy lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and a healthy dinner (optional evening snack).  This alone can help you bodies metabolism rev even if you are not as active. Eating smaller meals and snacks throughout the day will allow your body to run more efficiently.
   2. Drink water throughout the day. When you wake up, before and after each meal, and in between.
   3. Walk when you can – Park further, take the stairs, do what you can to get more steps in. A pedometer would be a great motivator to get more steps in. Taking more steps throughout the day have been proven to help with weight maintenance.
   4. Chew each bit – chewing eat bit will help in many areas. enough said. Take your time and chew each bit of food you take.
   5. Exercise Frequently – This can be resistance training one day and cardio the next or you can do both each day. They key is do something each day so your body is burning calories! Staying consistent with a 5-6 day exercise routine will help you stay on track.

Bottom line???
We all know that the summer months are very tough. Kids are out of school, your schedule seems to be tight, every night there is something going on, and it seems to be always too hot to workout. Focus on a few things
1.  Do combinations exercises in a short workout – 10-15 minutes of high intensity workouts
2. Add tougher exercises – Try new exercises that you KNOW you do not like. The ones you don’t like tend to be great for your body
3. Have a schedule – Whatever your time, having a details calendar in place will help you stick to the plan, no matter how much time you have.
4. Make a goal – Having a goal will help you stick the the schedule. Having the goal written down where you can see it will help you maintain.
5. Stick to the basics.


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