Coppell, TX - Local Fitness Boot Camp adds fun to exercise - Pictures -

Coppell, TX – Local Fitness Boot Camp adds fun to exercise – Pictures


Jun 20

Coppell, TX – Pictures Coppell Boot Camp –  Fitness Exercise Pictures from June 20th Boot Camp Sessions 09 are below. We had a great time June 20th at our Boot Camp Session. We played some games (adding exercises and fitness), obstacle courses, and FUN to the workouts. Each month, the Get You In Shape Boot Camp adds something to help encourage, motivate, and inspire the participants. This month we added a day where each participant could bring anyone June 20th. Not only was did we add great exercises that were tough but we added fun games with it. It was great to see the boot camp participants bring their spouses, kids, mothers or fathers, friends, co-workers, siblings, and neighbors. I was so encouraged to see that THEY were helping them with form and helping them by pushing them. We will continue to do this each month as it will not only help our participants but create a sense of community within our Coppell Boot Camp  participants. We had over 50 people in our 7pm class and about 33 in our 8am class.

If you were not there and wondered what the pictures are all about, we did some stations first with Core exercises and cardio type exercises to get warmed up. The Obstacle course was next.

What we did in the Obstacle Course:
1. Hop through the 30 feet ladders
2. Run to the first cone and do 5 run around the cones keeping your body looking straight ahead (don’t run around but just move your feet around)
3. Run to the 6 inch hurdles and jump squat over the hurdles
4. Run the next cone and do Pushups
5. Run the next cone and pick up 2 Kettlebells
6. Walk fast with the Kettlebells to the next Cone
7. Pick up tube band and do 30 fast biceps curls
8. Pick up Kettlebells again and walk to next cone. Put Kettlebells down again
9. Run to next cone – Push Ups
10. Run to the 6 inch hurdles and do jump squats over hurdles
11. Run to next cone and do 5 run a rounds
12. Run to ladders and do 1 or 2 leg hops
As you can see, this took about 4-5 minutes to complete. We had the participants waiting in line do exercises while they waited. Since we worked legs, core, and cardio the day before, here is what the people in the line did:

  1. Shoulder press
  2. Biceps Curls
  3. 2 leg Row
  4. 2 leg Triceps extensions

Here are the pictures. The Get You In Shape Boot Camp is close to Dallas, Lewisville, Valley Ranch, Carrollton, Irving, Grapevine, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Corinth, and other Dallas cities.

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