Coppell, TX - Fitness Boot Camp - 40 Day Challenge - Weight Loss Testimony -

Coppell, TX – Fitness Boot Camp – 40 Day Challenge – Weight Loss Testimony


Jun 03

Get You In Shape loves what we do. We get the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of our clients and boot camp participants. These 2 testimonies come  from Stefani Perez from Highland Village, TX. We want to share in your success. Please email your Get You In Shape testimony to us.

The physical achievements I have gained from Get You In Shape have been incredible. Since I began working with Brad on the 40-Day Challenge and then incorporating Get You In Shape Boot Camp, I went from a size 10 to a size 4/6 and lost 15 lbs in 4 months. For some this isn’t much of an accomplishment, but for those that know me this is a huge victory.

I was never an athlete, and as long as I can remember I felt fatter and uglier than my friends. In college I ballooned up, forget the freshmen 15, I gained the freshmen 25! During my sophomore year in college, I found a love for group exercise classes, and since then I discovered a love for working out, running, and overall fitness. There is something that I love about pushing myself physically and gain a great deal of satisfaction from a great work out. However, one area that I was unable to control was my nutrition. I saw nutritionists, followed fad diets, starved and binged and my body paid the price. I was also very prone to getting sick and injured.

            Like most people who battle with health and fitness goals, my weight was a roller coaster. I found myself at times obsessing over how much I ate, then I would go to the gym and work out until I felt I had sufficiently worked off the food binge from the weekend or evening before. I was constantly sabotaging everything I was working so hard to achieve by emotionally eating. It was a very unhealthy place to be mentally and physically.

In the summer of 2007, a friend introduced me to AdvoCare products, and I slowly began exploring supplements and good nutrition. A year later, another friend encouraged me to get in contact with Brad Linder because he was the “fitness and AdvoCare guru” at our church. And this is where my fitness success story truly begins. The one component that was introduced to me during my time working with Brad and Get You In Shape was the parallel of my spiritual journey and my journey to reach the healthiest me possible. In the past few months, I was able to appreciate the body that I was given and slowly deem myself worthy of my fitness successes.  As I lost inches and pounds and was motivated to push myself physically and spiritually, I found a new love for myself. I found acceptance and peace with the person I was created to be and body I was given.

Get You In Shape is more than a fitness program, it is a way of life. And the group setting allows you to build relationships with others and help encourage and uplift each other. Brad and Cynthia have somehow managed to unlock the secret to health and fitness goals. It is their time, personalized programs, motivation and genuine care that have attributed to my achievements and so many others. My family and friends have all taken note not only to my physical appearance, but the most uplifting compliments are that they see that I have finally found happiness within myself.  During my time in college when I would lose weight I never liked to receive compliments because deep down I didn’t think that I had lost enough or was at a high enough fitness level. Now, for the first time I am able to receive compliments and know that through the gifts Get You In Shape have given I am worthy of these successes.

Get You In Shape is faith based, and by truly understanding that our bodies are temples of Christ and that we are created in His likeness and image, I am able to rethink those times that I am tempted to not work out or eat a third helping of food. I have found a sweet balance of loving myself, allowing myself to have ice cream or a beer, but I am no longer controlled by food or temptation to work out in order to punish myself out of guilt.

My hope in writing my story is that anyone who even has the slightest desire to start living a healthier lifestyle needs to listen to that small voice because you are worthy of good health and loving yourself. By loving yourself you are accepting God’s love for you and the love of your family and friends that want you to be happy and healthy. No matter what your fitness level is or your age, Get You In Shape is the start to a whole new you and the goals you will achieve are unimaginable, but you have to make that first step and sign up today! Best of luck and keep on fighting the fight to living well: mind, body and soul.  Thank you, Get You In Shape and Linders for all you have done and continue to do!


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