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Coppell, TX Fitness Boot Camp Tip of the Day


May 18


This tip of the day is really just a few basic questions that will help you in your journey of looking, feeling, and performing better. Remember to email us with any questions or comments so we can anser them on the blog.

1. Are you eating a healthy breakfast? THis is one of the biggest KEYS to getting results! It is tough with time to get a  well-balanced breakfast, but having a healthy breakfast is what JUMP Starts your metabolism. The Meal Replacement shakes are proven to be a perfect option. Please let me know if you have not tried one and I will give you a free one so you can try them. They are also 100% money back. So if you buy them and do not like the taste, or it just in not for you, bring them back and we will give you the money back. Call us or let us know if you would like these and we will get a box to you.


2. Are you drinking enough water? You will need more now that the weather is getting hotter but you need to be sipping on water all day long!

 3. Are you eating within 60 Minutes of your workouts?? This the important window that the research and science says we should re-fill our bodies with a GOOD meal that will help rebuild your muscles and burn calories. We suggest the Meal Replacement Shakes because it is fast, convenient, and we have had great success with people getting results having our shakes within 60 minutes after the shakes. SO make sure you are eating a well-balanced meal within 60 minutes of your workouts!
4. Are you eating 5-6 small meals and snacks each day? The PDF will give you a plan but make sure each small meal and small snack have some sort of protein with it.
5.DO you have a positive attitude toward all the changes you are making in your life?? Remember to be POSITIVE about this great change. Have a positive attitude about saying NO to having a doughnut at work or ordering a HEALHY mean when you are out with friends will HELP you get through.
6. Do all your meals and snacks have some sort of lean protein in it? Protein helps burn twice as many calories as carbs and fats!
7. Are you planning your days and week so you are prepared to eat 5-6 times a day? I suggest buying 5-6 chicken breast and cooking them all on Sunday before the week starts. Buying healthy deli meat like lean turkey is another quick prep meal or snack. Tuna in a can is also pretty quick and very healthy (if you don’t but loads of mayonnaise on it).  The Get You In Shape program and daily diet has the foods we suggest, but let us know if you need help with this.
Other areas you should be looking at are:
Are you doing your off-day cardio?
Are you watching how many calories you are putting in your body?
Are you looking at the ingredients in the foods you are buying?
Are you having a superior multi-vitamin ensureing that your body is getting all the needed nutrients?

The nutrition is a no-brainer, we can help customize an  nutrition plan to make sure your body (ENGINE) is runny smooth by fueling it with high quality nutrition (HIGH OCTANE 93 -not 87). Call us at 214-603-8287 or email us at for more info on our nutritional programs.

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