Coppell, TX Fitness Boot Camp Business in Coppell continues to grow with Economic Recession -

Coppell, TX Fitness Boot Camp Business in Coppell continues to grow with Economic Recession


May 25

Get You in Shape Fitness Boot Camp grows with Economic Recession

Despite the struggling economy, a local Coppell fitness company,  Get You in Shape,  continues to grow in participants and popularity. This unique fitness boot camp for men and women is giving participants a cost effective way to achieve fitness results never before thought possible.

Coppell, TX, May 25, 2009 – Local Coppell, Texas fitness expert and former professional basketball player, Brad Linder, is the founder of Get You in Shape, which is offering a fitness boot camp program that is transforming the shape of Coppell. Popularity of these boot camps is expanding exponentially with a 300% growth this year and a combined over 2000 pounds and 5000 inches lost since late 2007.

Get You in Shape is thriving in spite of the struggling economy because of its passion to offer incomparable workouts run by certified fitness professionals and made available for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one training. Participants enjoy the group dynamics, camaraderie and support they find in class coupled with the assistance and dedication of personal trainers. Add to that a continually changing high intensity workout that employs interval training, strength training, cardio and core workouts that elevate the metabolism for up to 48 hours after exercise and you can see why this boot camp is so successful – participants are simply put achieving dramatic results!

Linder’s approach sets his program apart in that he drives results not from the traditional military style boot camp, but from a more refined fitness approach with an individual focus. Get You In Shape’s fitness boot camps are designed for men and women of all ages and fitness levels offering various degrees of difficulty so participants push themselves to their personal best rather than to a set level for a particular class. “We maintain a low participant to trainer ratio to ensure our participants get the individual attention they need to achieve their fitness goals” said Linder. “And”, adds Linder “the individualized attention in our camp allows us to work closely with our participants on proper form, thus maximizing results while minimizing injuries and making those fitness improvements sustainable”.

Leslie Brown just completed her third month as a Get You in Shape participant and has become a raving fan of the program. “I have lost a total of 30 pounds in three months! I never believed such a big loss could be possible.” Brown exclaimed. “The program was a total fitness package providing not only the fitness boot camp, but a nutrition plan that has been easy to follow too. And, Brad provides a big dose of motivational support as well to help you every day along the way.”

The Get You in Shape program has been so successful in achieving weight loss results, The City of Coppell has partnered with Linder to make his boot camp a key component of their Wellness Program. Rachel Freeman of the Coppell Police Department participated in a camp and was so impressed she ensured Linder’s program was added to the City’s Wellness Program. “I’ve been pleased to see many employees participate in Linder’s Boot Camps”, said Freeman. “It’s really allowed our employees to jump start their fitness regimen and has even changed their attitude toward health and wellness so they make better choices every day.”

There’s a new camp that kicks off each month at Andy Brown Park East in Coppell with the next one starting June 1st. Linder also offers free “check it out” classes so potential participants can see what his boot camp is all about. For further information or to register, access, send an email to or call 214-603-8287.

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