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Coppell TX – Boot Camp and Personal Trainer Fitness Product of the week


Sep 21

foamrollerCoppell, TX – Boot Camp and Personal Trainer Fitness Product of the Week – The Foam Roller

What is a Foam Roller?
I like to say it is the life-time message for about $25. As you can see they are six inches in diameter and it can be either 1 foot or 3 feet.

The foam roller uses deep compression to help roll out knots or muscle adhesions that develop over time in your body. Think of your muscle as a yarn or water hose that has a certain length. If it gets in a knot and you pull both ends of the the yarn or water hose, the knot gets tighter. You need to work the knot out with your fingers to restore the original length of the yarn or yard hose. If you think of your muscles as the same way, you can understand why using the foam roller can benefit you.  This is why using a foam roller to get the kinks out is VERY helpful.  Sometimes stretching is not what you need. By working out those knots in the muscle, which often arise from inactivity or repetitive activity, you’ll be able to restore the muscle to its original length, thus making it more pliable and functional.

People always ask me about little ailments or tightness they have been having in their legs muscles. Being in the forefront on science and staying up with what the top fitness organizations are doing, there is one product that I would recommend to everyone that most of you do not even know about. The Foam Roller is a great product that everyone can benefit from. I personally have used this great fitness product and have noticed great improvement in recover time and flexibility. I also have personally noticed HUGE results with clients using this over a period of time to help with flexibility. We have not implemented these yet for our boot camps but will be doing so sometime this summer. I think it is a great investment in your health and a fitness product that you can see and feel and difference (if you USE it) in just 10-15 minutes.

How do I use a Foam roller?

Remember, you are trying to get rid of the knots in your muscles, so you will want to use them for all your major muscle groups. You will slowly glide the body over each muscle group on the foam roller. Stick with one muscle group before moving on. An example would be rolling the foam roller over one calf.  Pause at any tender points for 10 to 30 seconds before moving on to the next region. Only apply as much pressure as you can tolerate and build up the amount of time you spend foam rolling. Your muscle tissue will begin to get used to this new sensation and be more and more willing to accept the new form of self massage that you’ve implemented into your routine. It is important to really focus on those areas in your body that are generally tight. Even if you did not target the calf that day, if your calf muscles tend to be tight often, use the foam roller on it until the tightness subsides.

What are the benefits of using a Foam Roller?

Remember, you are getting rid of that knot in your muscles. The benefits range from increased flexibility to minimizing soreness. You need to think of it as a self-message. If you can think of a time when you got a message, it was probably not comfortable some of the time. It may take your body a few weeks to get used to it. This means that it may be a uncomfortable on your muscles (because they are tight and have knots in them) for a while. The compression from the foam roller on your muscle causes your nerves to relax, loosens muscle, increases blood flow and helps your body recover. The great benefits of using the foam roller can be minimize soreness, help your muscles feel relaxed, and help you feel better in general.

When should you use the foam roller.

Many fitness Organizations say that before and after your workout is a great time to do it. You can, however, use the foam roller anytime. Watching TV or a movie can be a great time because you are already relaxed. You can use a foam roll anywhere or anytime. Many people enjoy rolling while watching television or before bedtime. Others do it at the start or end of a training session or after sitting in the same position for hours. Don’t limit yourself to the areas targeted in your training program. Use the foam roll anywhere you feel tight and in need of a massage.

What should the foam roller feel like?

The first few times you se the foam roller may be a little uncomfortable as you are putting some added pressure on your muscles that you are not used to. It may even be a little painful. If it is painful, that means that you are more than likely going to benefit a great deal from using the foam roller. As you use it consistently over time, you will really like it (because it really is like a self-message).  I generally tell my clients that it will take 2-3 weeks before it does start feeling good. The less painful it gets, that means that the muscle tissue it responding great and you should be feeling better.

How do I purchase a foam roller and how much are they?
You can get one from . Many of the sports outlets have them (Champs, Sports Authority, sometimes Target, Academy, etc)  but it is hit and miss if they have them in stock. You can also order them online from $10-$60 depending on the brand and type of foam roller it is and you will pay for shipping and handling as well.
Get You in Shape sells the 1 foot ones for $20 and the 3 ft. ones for $25.
Email us or call us if you are interested.

Foam Roller Exercise PDF – CLICK HERE


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