Coppell Trainer Tips and Information for week #3 -

Coppell Trainer Tips and Information for week #3


Nov 06

Tip of the Week – Click Here This one tip can save you money and get your results. Many of you have let us know how hard it is to eat 5-6 smaller meals and snacks each day. You know the benefits of it and how it will help increase your metabolism which will also increase your energy and results, but it is just tough. This tip is what many people do to help people ensure they get their 5-6 smaller meals and snacks in.

Survey Results – We will update everyone on some small changes that we will be implementing over time to better serve you based on the survey’s.

12-1pm class – We had 19 people on the survey say they would come to 9 of the 12 sessions if we added a 12-1pm session. We need you to commit and email us so we can make it official. SO far we have Robin Duggan, Liz Hess, Bob Calabro, Penny Guice, and  Pam Mitchell. If you were one of the 19, please email me and let me know you would commit to coming to 9 of the 12 sessions offered each month. Again, we just want to make sure there is enough folks interested to make it work.

Client of the Year – Click Here
Applications have started. Who wants a chuck of the $1,325 in prizes we are giving away? Here is a chance to look back on your journey, reflect at the changes you have made, inspire others, and win big. Don’t count yourself out at the #1 one habit we ask you to change it thinking positive. So think positive and Click Here for more information

Important DatesClick Here for the upcoming dates

Workouts for this week – Click Here for the suggested off-day cardio

Pictures from Saturday – Click Here