Coppell Trainer Tip of Week - Positive Thinking -

Coppell Trainer Tip of Week – Positive Thinking


Feb 19

Coppell Trainer Tip of the Week

Coppell Boot Camp Inspiration of the Day – Positive Mental Attitude. This is from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Positive Mental Attitude. I have put the cliff notes below as I know the video may not be for everyone.

Dallas Boot Camp Inpiration of the Day – Positive Mental Attitude

A positive Mental Attitude heads the entire list of the 12 great riches in life

What you must do to keep your Mind Positive!
This is from Napoleon Hill and his Youtube piece.

  1. WHAT EVER THE MIND CAN CONCEIVE AND BELIEVE THE MIND CAN ACHIEVE. Remember that you are the ONLY person who can provide you with a positive mental attitude.
  2. Learn to adjust yourself to other peoples state of mind – Get along with people – Great people always avoid controversy when possible.
  3. Get a Daily Habit of doing something every morning when you get up to help promote your positive mental attitude.
  4. Adopt the habit of laughing when you become irritated or angry and begin each day with a good laugh. This will change your chemistry of your brain and help you start each day with a positive mental attitude. DO NOT DO THIS IN PUBLIC, though, as it may put you out to be a little strange.
  5. Start each day with an expression of gratitude for all the adversities, defeats, and failures you have experienced in the past. Then give thanks for the blessings you EXPECT to receive throughout the day.
  6. Learn to concentrate your attention on the CAN DO portion of all of your portions and desire and start ACTIONS on what you need to do to carry out this portion or desire. No matter what may be your problem or desire there is always something you can do to help it, find out what this something it and do it.
  7. Recognize that every circumstance which influences your life (positive or negative) will help you reach your final destination.. Remembering that your strength grows out of your struggles.
  8. Look upon your life as a continuous process of education of learning of all your experiences, both good and bad, and always be on the alert for gains of WISDOM which come to you a little at a time in both pleasant and not so pleasant experiences.
  9. Express gratitude daily for realizing that you have been GIVEN complete control over your own mind. ASK for guidance that you will be able to use that gift wisely in all your thoughts and acts.
  10. Go out of your way daily to comment enthusiastically on the GOOD qualities on those with whom you live and work with but do not mention their negative qualities..
  11. Keep your mind eternally engaged on WHAT YOU WANT. Your major purpose in life.
  12. If you should FEEL SORRY for yourself, look around for someone who is worse off than yourself. Start where you stand and give them help. Make this a habit and you will witness one of the great miracles of life.
  13. Choose a person who you would LIKE to BE. Then go to work and trying to immolate them
  14. Cultivate your tone of voice so that your words have a pleasing musical sound.

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