Coppell Trainer Tip Of Week - Motivation -

Coppell Trainer Tip Of Week – Motivation


Mar 19

Coppell Trainer Tip Of Week – Motivation

Looking for a way to get back on Track?
I thought this was a pretty good video to get back after the break. I know it is a little cheesy but there are some great key points that I wanted to share with you.

Motivation. How can we be motivated.
Specific –       Set a specific goal that you can reach. An example would be I would like to be 20 pounds lighter. (lose 20 pounds)
Measurable  -How many pounds do you want to lose per week? 2 pounds a week would be an example
Achievable – Do you have 20 pounds do even lose?
Realistic     – Is is realistic that you can do that.
Time             – You have to have a time table which gives you a deadline to achieve that goal.

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