Coppell Trainer Tip - 6 Lessions learned in 6 Years of Get You In Shape -

Coppell Trainer Tip – 6 Lessions learned in 6 Years of Get You In Shape


Oct 17

Get You In Shape’s 6 Year Anniversary.

As we are celebrating our 6 Year Anniversary, someone asked me “What would you say has been the best part and the worst part so far?”
So I decided to post a blog sharing my experience and what I have learned in hopes that it will help inspire you.

We are excited to be celebrating 6 awesome years of the Get You In Shape Program here in Coppell. I started the Get You In Shape program wanting to bring a fitness program that would bring like-minded people to form a community that would help all of us live healthier lives. It’s been a very humbling/rewarding experience knowing that I said YES to the call and started to use my gifts in the Health and Fitness Arena. I now use the word WE.  Our Get You In Shape family is a combination of Cynthia (my awesome wife), our amazing team of trainers, and YOU (the reason why we end up doing everything we do).
So although there are some “I’s” in this blog, know it is really about getting the points across and everything is a “We” now.

So hear our my top 6 lessons learned. There certainly could be more but for the sake of the number 6 representing 6 years, here are the top 6:

1. God Is In Control and “It’s Not About Me”!- I read a book a long time ago called “Let go and Let GOD.” Get You In Shape would not be possibly with God being in Control. I did let go and let God be in control (once I finally gave in a pursued Health and Fitness as a true profession) of everything when I started. The name, the core values, the trainers, and the clients have all been because of God. We knew that God was in Control and continues to be in control. We know all the clients that have come our way was from God which is why we have done our best to live out out the GYIS core values. I could1385602_10151734207332426_1556431384_n certainly not have scripted the growth (5 clients to 60 clients in 6 months and 100 clients 12 months in). With God being in control from day one, and giving all the credit to HIM, Get You In Shape has been able to change a lot of lives.

“It’s not about me” is a motto I strive to live by everyday. It’s very strange for me to say the word “I” when it comes to Get You In Shape. If you know any of my story I did not intend to be a “Personal Trainer” or be known as the “Fitness GUY.” Although I played basketball through the professional ranks and received a master’s degree in Health and Kinesiology, it was more of a hobby than a profession of helping people look, feel and perform better. Long story short, after a number of years of doing what I loved as a hobby part time, I knew I finally had to give in and use my God-given gifts to help people in the area of health and fitness. In 2007, I officially started pursuing my passion and started the Get You In Shape Coppell Boot Camp. I do think that everything that lead to this step was helping me prepare for building a solid business.

As I took the focus off of me, I focused more on each client and building a community of like-minded people that were all in this thing called “life” together.  From that point on, I focused on the community and the word “WE”. Although we started out with just 5 people in our first ever Group Session, we grew fast because it was not about me and about the people I was helping.

2. Build Solid Core Values and Know What You Stand For 
Below are Get You In Shape’s core values. It has changed very little over the 6 years.  Knowing your core vales and living/standing by them day in and day out has helped us stay consistent. From the owners to the trainers to the Get You In Shape Clients, these core values have certainly been one reason the program has and continues thrive. My number one value was community. Starting the process of getting in shape and staying in shape is very tough. We set out to just put people in a positive environment that would create motivation, encouragement, accountability and inspiration. All of those will allow all of us to stay consistent in our fitness and nutrition. Having a support system (from trainers, tools, and all the GYIS clients) and building a community has been a key our program.

  • Community: Create a positive and healthy environment that promotes motivation, encouragement, accountability and inspiration.
  • Servants Heart: Serve each person wherever they are on their health and fitness journey.
  • Empower: Help motivate each client to a life healthy lifestyle so they can pay it forward.
  • Give Back: Use our God-given gifts to help our community and worthy causes.
  • Over-Deliver: Provide a service that goes above and beyond the typical fitness program

Mission Statement:

Our mission aims to provide individuals with the tools, guidance and education to help them achieve healthy and long-term lifestyle changes.  This is accomplished by establishing a positive and healthy environment that promotes motivation, encouragement, accountability and inspiration.

Living by the core values have really allowed us to build a program that actually PRODUCES RESULTS and provide a level of SERVICE that people NEED when it comes to a health and fitness program.

Over time we have continued to carry out our values by having client contests, 24 Day Challenge Contests,  New Client Specials, charity events and more fun stuff.

3. Surround Yourself With Great People  – I am very humbled by the success of Get You In Shape. In the end, though, I have learned that I needed to surround myself with great people to have a sustaining business. A few things I have done in this area is hire a business coaching company that only helps fitness businesses. I also surrounded myself  with other fitness business owners from around the country to gain wisdom and network with them to help Get You In Shape.  Last but not least, I have surrounded myself with an amazing team of personal trainers AND the best clients that I could ever ask for. Get You In Shape is about our community and the trainer and clients make it so special. Wisdom comes from God but it also comes from people that you surround yourself with.

4. Follow the DANG Instructions – This seems to be very simple but I have learned over time that many people are just not willing to do so. We have done all the work and put all the tools together that would help a client reach their goals. All someone needs to do is Follow The DANG Instructions. The Get You In Shape program is  Personal Training in a Group Environment. This means we have step by step instructions for our clients to follow AND have provided all the help and coaching that one would need throughout the process to reach their goals. Anyone looking to lose weight, have more energy, and get health just needs to Follow The DANG Instructions to reach their health and fitness goals. It’s been showed time and time again that if you follow our step by step program, you get the professional help from GYIS along the way, you will certainly reach your health and fitness goals.

5. Keep It Simple – We have built our business on two services. Our Get You In Shape Coppell Boot Camp (we call it Group Personal Training now) and our  Nutritional programs (starting with the 24 Day Challenge) are really the only two program we offer. Although, we have expanded and added services like corporate fitness and private training, we have stuck with two main services because we KNOW THEY WORK. It also has allowed us to focus on what we are passionate about and what we know truly will help anyone looking to change their health and wellness. Keeping it simple with two services has also allowed us to make some easy to follow (step by step) instructions. Keeping the focus on what works and what you feel is the best option for someone getting started has allowed our confidence in our program to be high.

6. Use Your Gifts To Give Back – The first of our core values is COMMUNITY. Life is much more enjoyable when you on a journey with others. The community is what it’s all about. We learned early on that we could use our gifts to bring people together for fitness related events and give back to a local charity. When you have a community of like-minded people, it’s easy to “round up the troops” and put fun events on to help give back. It has been very humbling to know that the Get You In Shape community has been able to give back more than $85,000 in all of our Charity events over the last 6 years. The Coppell 5k for the Coppell Special Olympic teams, Pushups for Charity Events for wounded Warriors, Thanksgiving Can Good drive and Boot Camp 4 Backpacks for school supplies. Here is a Link to see all the events we have done with pictures.

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