Coppell Trainer Spotlight of the Month – September 2016 – Jacqueline Tapella -

Coppell Trainer Spotlight of the Month – September 2016 – Jacqueline Tapella

Success Story

Aug 26

Coppell Fitness

Jacqueline Tapella is in real estate for Sally Beauty and lives in Coppell, TX.

Q: Why did you decide to join the Get You In Shape program? 

I was pregnant with my 3rd baby and wanted to stay in shape during my pregnancy.

Q: What was your life like before joining the Get You In Shape Program? Jacqueline before & after

I have always worked out but on again off again. I was off and wanted to gain muscle and get healthy. I have always loved group exercise.

Q: What was your first impression from the Get You In Shape program? 

was very excited about the involvement of the trainers even outside of the workouts. The accountability is what I knew I needed to succeed and GYIS clients and trainers help keep people accountable.

Q: What have been some of the tools you have used that have benefited you? 

The 8 week challenge at the beginning of 2016 really helped me to lose the baby weight. I used My Fitness Pal and took the recommended nutritional supplements.

Q: How is the Get You In Shape program different from other programs you have tried before? 

The people. Trainers and Clients. Everyone cares about each other, keeps each other accountable and wants you to succeed. The extra workouts and recipes that are posted really help out. And the involvement of everyone on social media keeps me motivated.

Q: What results and benefits have you experienced in the Get You In Shape Program? 

My first month after coming back from having the baby, I lost 8 pounds and 9 inches. After 6 months, I have lost 22 pounds and 24 inches. I have about 3 pounds left to reach my goal weight. I am energetic and I feel great!

Q: What would you say to anyone looking at this program?

I feel like I have personal trainers but in a group setting, so it’s the best of both worlds. Just do it! You won’t regret it and you won’t want to stop coming, especially when you are seeing great results.

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