Coppell Trainer Spotlight of the Month – November 2016 – Daniela Centeno -

Coppell Trainer Spotlight of the Month – November 2016 – Daniela Centeno


Oct 19

Daniela is a mother of 2 teenagers, a Speech-language Pathologist and she lives in Coppell.

Q: Why did you decide to join the Get You In Shape program?
I wanted an exercise routine but I wanted instructions, I did not want to work out by myself. I was dancing but I wanted something else.

Q: What was your life like before joining the Get You In Shape Program?
I was feeling old, my posture was bad, I had to have energy for my kids and family and I did not have that much, and I had extras pounds!

Q: What was your first impression from the Get You In Shape program?
I still remember my first day, it was just Brad and Cynthia; Cynthia was with the new people and I really liked the way she was instructing me, how to respect my fitness level, etc.daniela-before-after-family

Q: What have been some of the tools you have used that have benefited you?
Consistency of exercises, paying attention how to perform the exercises, to challenge myself, to respect my fitness level, to see other accomplishments and try to set my own accomplishments too.

Q: How is the Get You In Shape program different from other programs you have tried before?
I love the outdoor environment; I’ve tried some other programs but I do not see myself going to a room 3 times a week for a year! I like the social aspect, I like the fact that everybody is, in some ways, on the same journey to feel better, to make better decisions about their health.

Q: What results and benefits have you experienced in the Get You In Shape Program?
Since I started 8 years ago, I’ve lost 20 pounds and gained some back but weight loss is just one aspect of it. When I compare my pictures from before and after I‘m better now than I was before, I look good, I look young and I do feel better, I feel strong, I feel energized, I feel loved by all the new friends I’ve met, I feel like celebrating a new anniversary: my exercising anniversary. My health is much better with exercising, I sleep well and I’m doing my part to be healthy and in shape.

Q: What would you say to anyone looking at this program?
Come and try it and you can do it; it is a very friendly environment with great trainers, they respect your fitness level, and a variety of exercises. It’s worth it.

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