Coppell Trainer Spotlight of the Month - July 2016 – Gina Gesek -

Coppell Trainer Spotlight of the Month – July 2016 – Gina Gesek

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Jun 27

Gina Gesek is a stay at home mom and resides in Coppell, TX.

Q: Why did you decide to join the Get You In Shape program?
I actually had a friend, Meg Hinkley, who kept inviting me to come, and I was looking for something new. I had noticed that my strength had been diminishing over time.  I was trying to open a can in the kitchen, and I was like “I should be able to open this,” and I couldn’t.  I was thinking, I can tell I am loGina Geesk Before&Aftersing strength and muscle, and I thought “I need to do something different,” so I decided to take her up on her offer and give it a try.

 Q: What was your life like before joining the Coppell Get You In Shape Fitness Program?
I think that my exercise life was a bit haphazard. I was always searching for something that would hold my interest because I didn’t necessarily love to exercise, but I loved the benefits of it.  I was finding myself not having the stamina, flexibility, and strength that I wanted to have, and that motivated me to want to find something that would help.

Q: What was your first impression from the Coppell Get You In Shape program?
It was very organized, and I liked that.  It seemed like whatever goals that you had, there was a plan to help meet those. I didn’t necessarily know what those goals were going to be in the beginning. I just wanted to get something that I could stick with and would enjoy and that would benefit me.  That first week I was a little hesitant about whether or not I was going to be able to stick with it, but it was great.  I was definitely sore the first week, but a good sore and not the kind of sore like “oh my goodness, I don’t think I can to do this” kind of sore, but more of an “okay, this is a little challenging, but I see everyone else being able to do it”.  It was a good experience.

Q: What have been some of the tools from the Coppell fitness program that you have used that have benefited you?
Well first off, just the fact that I was being consistent to come to all the times available during the week was a great start.  I did use some of the recommended nutritional products, and I also utilized MyFitnessPal for food tracking.  There are so many different tools offered to help motivate and keep you on track that I haven’t used yet but plan on doing so in the future.

Q: How is the Get You In Shape fitness program different from other programs you have tried before?
I’ve done other programs and some of them have had some of these elements, but Get You In Shape has pulled all of those elements together for me in one exercise program.   Working out outside, flexibility in schedule, and variety in the workout are just a few of the elements that I love. Knowledgeable trainers, who are great encouragers, and the camaraderie among those working out make it that much better. Get You In Shape has pulled all of these together for me in one place.

 Q: What results and benefits have you experienced in the Get You In Shape Program?
On a concrete level I have lost 12 lbs. in a year and a half.  Just the consistency of coming has increased my strength, agility, and balance.  I feel stronger, my balance is better, my overall well-being is better, and I sleep better. I just feel healthier overall.  I do plan on losing more weight, but I’m thrilled with the fact that I have been coming regularly and have made it a part of my life.   I want to think of it more as a lifestyle than just “the goal is to lose weight”.

 Q: What would you say to anyone looking at this program?
Everyone has to figure out what program best meets their needs.  This one is definitely worth checking out.  There are multiple classes available all day, and there’s a level of exercise and workout that accommodates everyone.  You can modify if you need to or you can push yourself if you want.  But either way, the trainers are helpful in helping you figure out all the different levels.

Brad and Cynthia, who started Get You In Shape (and the Coppell Fitness program ), have such servant’s hearts. They do many things to incorporate a level of fun that benefits the community, so there is always some kind of challenge or a 5K or something going on, and we know that when we participate in it, it’s going to benefit people in our community.

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