Coppell Trainer Client of the Month – March 2018 – Tara Storch -

Coppell Trainer Client of the Month – March 2018 – Tara Storch


Feb 22

Tara Storch is the Co-founder of Taylor’s Gift Foundation and lives in Coppell

Q: What was your life like before joining the Get You In Shape Program?
Before GYIS, I would bounce around from gym to gym and was never really consistent with my workouts. I didn’t really know what to do at the gym other than run on a treadmill or elliptical. I would never push myself when I was at the gym on my own – I would do “just enough”. I wasn’t super motivated to go. I also didn’t eat that well, even though I thought I was eating “healthy”.

Q: Why did you decide to join the Get You In Shape program?
Brad wanted to make Taylor’s Gift the ‘Check-in for Charity’ for GYIS, and I was so honored! He offered me a free trial to come try a class since I had never been, and I wasn’t sure if I’d go because “I didn’t enjoy working out outside”. But, I decided to take up Brad’s offer and tried out a class – which led to two classes….and three classes….etc 🙂

Q: What was your first impression from the Get You In Shape program?
The first week I was just trying to keep up! I didn’t know how to do most of the moves and laughed at myself a lot. But, what I appreciated most was that the people around me were encouraging me, showing me what to do, letting me borrow their equipment and not making me feel like I was the “new kid”. After a few weeks, I started to get the hang of it and started to put it on my calendar on a regular basis. I wasn’t dreading going to work out! I loved that the trainers knew my name and would say hi when I got there – that was such a nice personal touch. I also surprised myself that I really did like working out outside!

Q: What have been some of the tools you have used that have benefited you?
I really like My Fitness Pal. There is something about writing down what you are eating that really makes you think twice about putting something on your plate! I also like the GYIS Facebook page – it’s encouraging and has some great tips and recipes from Brad, trainers and members.

Q: How is the Get You In Shape program different from other programs you have tried before?
I’m sure everyone says this, but it’s true – It’s the people! I love the encouraging atmosphere and the way GYIS is very involved in the community with giving back.

Q: What results and benefits have you experienced in the Get You In Shape Program?
When I met with Brad in Jan 2017 for my orientation, my goals were to lose some weight (muffin top!) and tone up. Through resetting my eating and being consistent with my workouts, I found that both of these goals were being reached. It’s slow and steady progress that I’m seeing. I am stronger now than I’ve been in years and sleeping better. When I started, I could maybe do 3 push-ups and was out of breath doing the littlest things. Now, I feel like I can totally keep up during the entire class and even run the mile without stopping! I even set a PR on my mile recently!

Q: What would you say to anyone looking at this program?
Give it a try and you will be impressed with the people, trainers and workouts! Go at your own pace and you will find yourself motivated, reaching your goals and getting stronger.

Q: How has Get You In Shape helped your foundation?
All the “Check-in for Charity” posts that so many people have done have added up to over $3300 so far! WOW! I feel so blessed by all the GYIS members who want to support Taylor’s Gift Foundation – something that is so personal to me and to our Coppell community. It makes me personally feel so lifted up and to see this kind of support and love. The funds raised will help Taylor’s Gift mission and our ‘Legacy Gift’ program which helps organ donor families in need. Because of GYIS, we can help even more families!
I can’t thank Brad and the GYIS community for showing your support through check-ins, Facebook posts, wearing “Taylor Blue” and sharing with your family and friends about Taylor’s Gift. You all are a wonderful gift to the Foundation! THANK YOU!

For more information about the Coppell Fitness program and getting started, go to

If you live or work in Coppell, Valley Ranch, Irving, Lewisville, Las Colinas, Carrollton, Flower Mound, Grapevine, Addison, Corinth, Highland Village, Dallas, and Famers Branch, the Coppell Group Personal Training is just minutes away from you. Get You In Shape’s programs include the Get You In Shape Group Personal Training, 24 Day Challenge, sports specific training, weight loss programs, Corporate wellness plans, nutrition plans, core fitness training, strength training, toning and more. Clients include athletes (golf, basketball, tennis, football, track, baseball, baseball, volleyball, and softball) corporate executives, professionals, weekend warriors, cheerleaders, dancers, models, stay at home moms, and anyone looking for results.

Owner Brad Linder, has been featured in numerous newspapers and even as the fitness expert on the news 8 (ABC). Get You In Shape was also featured on The Doctor’s TV show as one of the top Fitness Companies in Texas. He continues to use the gifts that he has been given to help serve the needs others have when it come to being healthy, losing weight, sports, toning up, and overall fitness.

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