Coppell Total Transformation Contest 23 Pounds lost -

Coppell Total Transformation Contest 23 Pounds lost


Sep 10

We are very excited about about the results from our Total Transformation Contest.

What Is The Total Transformation Contest Fall Challenge?

1. The Total Transformation Contest is a National Program that gives you a structured, personalized 9-10 week nutrition and exercise program – no more guess work about weight loss and fat loss. Just the health and fitness results you want in the shortest time possible.

2. The Total Transformation Contest gives you coaching and accountability – installing into your mind and your life the fitness and nutrition habits for rapid improvement.

3. The Total Transformation Contest gives you group support from the other participants. You will enter into a community of like minded individuals with goals and desires that match your own. Together, as a team, we move forward (there is awesome power in this group experience).Signup

4. The Total Transformation Contest gives you a hard target to shoot for. We are not the least bit interested in moderate, lukewarm, plain vanilla results. This is about dramatic, body transforming, life changing results … in just a few short weeks.

5. The Total Transformation Contest gives you big rewards for your efforts, even beyond the physical and emotional changes you will make.  Those who make the most significant improvements,Get You In Shape and Linder Team Contest will select the five Challengers from the their group personal group contest to win over  $850 in cash and prizes!

6. The Total Transformation Contest gives you the change and improvement you want!

7. But most of all, the Total Transformation Contest gives you new confidence each and every day that you are taking full and complete control over your health, fitness, body, and life. That confidence snowballs and compounds with each passing day. You come out the other end after just 10 weeks with a new body, a new outlook, and a new passion for life.

How did we pick the winners? The results were calculated and based on who made the most substantial changes based off that criteria and the top five were selected.
The Top 5 Got The Chance To Win One of Five Awesome Prizes:

Here are some of the Success Stories of our previous Total Transformation Contest participants.

Liz Cole
Lost 23.2 Pounds, 25 inches and 12% body weight in just 10 Weeks

1 Name, what you do, and where do you live?

My name is Elisabeth Cole. I am a mother of 4 boys and a preschool teacher living in Coppell, Texas

2 Why did you decide to join the Total Transformation Contest?Liz Before After Picture Front
I joined the contest because several other friends were doing it and asked me to join them. I sounded like a great way to jump start weight loss.

3 What was your life like before joining the Total Transformation Contest?

Before joining the contest I was trying to get through my days feeling tired and overwhelmed. I felt like I needed to nap after work, before beginning the afternoon activities with my own boys. I was drinking at least a pot of coffee a day and still struggling to remain alert in the late afternoon. The increase in my weight was making me very uncomfortable as well.

4 What was your first impression from the Total Transformation Contest program?
My first impression was that it was a well organized program that could get me moving in the right direction. As I looked into it further I was very impressed by all the tools available including the webinars and the online community.

5. What have been some of the tools that are a part of the Total Transformation Contest that you have used that have benefited you?
I have been consistently taking the products in the 24 Day Challenge Bundle. I have

continued to use the meal replacement shakes, spark and catalyst in addition to the MNS E vitamins. I have found the information posted on the facebook site to be helpful and it has motivated me to keep going. Though not required by the program – I have found logging my food to be extremely helpful in remaining on task.

6. How is the Total Transformation Contest program different from other programs you have tried before? Or What makes the Total Transformation Contest different or unique?

The Contest has provided a step by step nutritional system to follow. I could refer to theLiz Before After Picture Side 24 day challenge book to quickly get ideas for snacks and meals. The book gives clear directions on what vitamins to take, the timing of them and suggested foods, taking away all the guesswork. It made me really focus on what I was eating and when. It also reminded me of the importance of making time for exercise.

7. What results and benefits have you experienced in the Total Transformation Contest?

I have seen many results from my participation in the contest. First I have lost weight! 23.2 lbs total, 12.4 lbs in the first 4 weeks and an additional 10.8 in the remaining 6 weeks. More importantly – I feel better. I have more energy and do not need to take a nap after work. I can drive my boys to their afternoon activities without struggling to remain awake. I have also stopped drinking massive quantities of coffee. I find that spark gives me all the added energy I need and keeps me alert. I am sleeping better at night as well, not waking multiple times and trying to go back to sleep. Finally, at the start of the contest I struggled to finish 1 mile jogging in under 11 minutes. Now I can consistently jog 3-4 miles at a 10 minute pace. I have a renewed desire to be physically fit and active!

8. What would you say to anyone looking at joining or trying the Total Transformation Contest?

I would suggest that they go for it and fully commit themselves. Follow the system provided and focus on what you can do and can eat versus things that you cannot do/eat. I would also suggest that they make short term goals, along with the long term goals. As you achieve the short term goals it will motivate you to keep going.

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