Coppell Tips and Information for week #2 -

Coppell Tips and Information for week #2


Oct 30

Congrats to Jeremy LeBalnc and Erin McCan! They will be getting Married on November 6th.
Chuck and Julie McCan will be celebrating their daughter get married this special day.
So if you don’t see Julie too much next week, you will know she is taking a break from a LONG planning process and help putting this magical event together.

1. Survey’s

Click Here -Thanks to all who have already done so. If you still have not helped us out, please take a second and do so.

2. Winter Gear. Click Here to check your order and make sure we got it right.

3. Tip of the weekClick Here – Make today healthier than yesterday.

4. 12-1pm Time – Feedback from those wanting a 12:00-1:00pm Boot Camp session- Email me if you were one of the 15 on the survey that said they would come to at least 9 of the 12 sessions each month if we had a 12pm session.
We will certainly add this time if we get enough that will commit to being there at the 12pm time at least 9 of the 12 sessions offered. We should be able to start soon if we get enough committed.

5. Off-day Cardio this weekClick Here

6. This week – M-W-F and Saturday

Cynthia and I are pleased to introduce you to Elliot Joseph Linder.
He was born 11-01-11 at 12:29am
Cynthia and baby are doing great and we will be home on Wednesday. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. It is so great to know so many people were with us during this exciting time in our life.

BabyLinder (69)

These guys have helped me..

These guys have helped me..