Coppell Pushups For Charity Event - Why I Push

Coppell Pushups For Charity Event – Why I Push


Jan 26

I talk a lot about giving back.

Why? When it comes to our health and fitness, we all need some sort of motivation or some sort of reason why to workout and exercise.

Finding your So That's is something we go over each and every time because it truly is the driving force in every CHOICE we make.

For some…’s their Doctor letting them know they are borderline diabetic and they if they don’t change their lifestyle quick, their health is going to go downhill

For others….it may be seeing the present situation with their parents and CHOOSE to invest in their health and fitness NOW so they can enjoy more of life as they age.

For me…it’s the fact that I have 5 kids and it’s my responsibility to be healthy and fit for them today, a year from now and even 20 years from now.

Those are some examples and reasons WHY it would be a motivational factor to “follow the darn instructions” and do everything associated with living a healthy lifestyle.

I know we also have a lot of clients who are already fit who have already gone through the hard part and journey of losing the weight who have a positive review every time they go to the doctor.

If you are that person, it's a little tougher to get motivated to dial it in sometimes before you are only 5-10 pounds from being at your ideal weight/size.

It's those last few inches that make it so tough. 

So weather you are not where you are at with your health and fitness OR you have been maintaining your health and fitness, finding another MOTIVATION besides just you can HELP you get more motivated to "follow the darn instructions."

This is where CHARITY comes into play and finding something to help motivate you beyond just YOU.

How we do our charity events is there is some sort of fitness related event to every single one of them.

We have our Pushups for Charity event in which each person does 90 seconds of pushups and we counts how many reps you can get during those 90 seconds.

Why? The event is triggered by you performing pushups for our veterans.

For me, I have a little pressure knowing I am doing pushups for 90 seconds in a week, 2 weeks or a month.

So I have some MOTIVATION to actually follow through and practice (or just get reps in) my pushups each day or every other day leading up to it.

The other MOTIVATING factor is WHY I push?

I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to share a little more about what I push for…in hope that you would also share what YOU push for. So I will ask you to share maybe why you PUSH!

I can only assume that the majority of us have had a family member in the armed forces. So I will share why I push and how this is one way that I get motivated to "follow the darn instructions"

# 1 -  I PUSH for..My family

Both my grandfather's were pilot's during WWII.

My Grandfather on my dad's , Edgar Weldon Linder, was Pilot in the Air Force. He actually dropped troopers on D-Day in Normandy. He made it back safely after the war and he lived until 1973, two years before I was born. Below is a picture of him and my mama.

He ended up raising four great kids. Through the years and after many family reunions, I realized just how special my Grandfather was.

He was a man of very deep faith and touched all those that were a part of his life. Although I did not get to meet him (he dies before I was born), he has passed down his love for his country to his family. I chose family as my first part of “why I push” because I always want to remember and honor my Grandfather.

Below is a picture of him and a reason #1 why I PUSH. 

Picture of Marie and Edgar Linder

#2 - I Push For.. Freedom & Independence – 

The second part of why I push is for the great ideals of Freedom, Independence, and the American Dream…which is also very closely connected to our military and my own entrepreneurial journey.

My journey also includes leading other men (and women) to fight for their health and fitness.

I get the privilege to coach people daily to become better versions of themselves as a small business owner.

If it were not for our military fighting for our freedom, I may not have the opportunity to do this. 

Which is why I have chosen to live a life to help people look, feel, and perform better.

Which allows them to be better wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, and be more productive each and every day.

So I push for all of THEM… and for YOU!

#3 - I Push..To give back and say Thank You

The third reason I push is to give back and say “thank you” to ALL of those who have served and fought for the same values and country I love.

For me, this is the only way I can give back since I was never in the armed forces and never had had to experience what they have had to experience. 

I have chosen a different path in my life as I was never a part of the military so this is my small way of giving back. 

But I NEVER forget that the only reason I’m able to enjoy the freedom and independence I have as an entrepreneur and American citizen today is because of the many generations of great men (like my grandfathers) have laid down their lives for us.

I have tremendous gratitude for the debt we owe our forefathers.

I hope in some small way I can honor all those who serve and have served our military with my efforts and contributions through Pushups For Charity.

For me, this is my way that I can give back and know that being able to lead others from my community is allowing me to reach and help more people than doing something on my own.

What Do You Push For?

I think one of the MOST important things you can do for yourself as a human being… is to really get clear about who you are and what you push for.

Part of that may be wrapped up in your family history and people who have played an influential role in your life.

What do you push for?

What (if any) connections do you have to a life of service and/or the military in your own life or family?

Feel free to share in the comments below 

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