Coppell Personal Trainer Monday Motivation -

Coppell Personal Trainer Monday Motivation


Mar 28

This video helps use realize that we are all given certain gifts and abilities. For me, I knew I was interested in Health and Fitness from an early age. I was also naturally gifted at fitness and being able to compete in different sports when I was younger. It took some time, though, to understand that my gifts were helping people with health and fitness. I knew helping people was a gift, so there was a time when I was doing a lot of odd jobs serving people. I also believe those odd jobs helped prepare me for each step. I waited tables, taught at a private school for emotionally disturbed kids, caddied on the golf course, was a bartender, did some promotional jobs, and even did insurance. Some doors were open and some doors were shut until it finally clicked that health and fitness where my gifts were to be used the most. Actually the doors just kept opening up until I figured this was the direction I need to go in.
Looking back, all the steps were put into place so that I could flourish and help so many more people than I would have ever dreamed of if I had tried to go a different way.

Has life taken you somewhere very different than you thought it would? How can you turn this around to benefit yourself and help others?

This video will hopefully put some motivation in your heart.