Coppell Personal Trainer - GYIS Client and Rookies of the Month Oct. -

Coppell Personal Trainer – GYIS Client and Rookies of the Month Oct.


Sep 30


Coppell resident Leigh Walker shares her Get You In Shape journey

Name, what you do, and where you are from?
My name is Leigh Walker, and I am a stay at home mom to my three wonderful children:  Jackson (11), Elizabeth Grace (8), and Hogan (4).  I grew up here in Coppell, as did my husband Ray.  We met at Pinkerton Elementary in 3rd grade,  graduated from CHS, LeighWalkerCOMmoved to Dallas and decided to move back when our first child was born.  Both of our parents still live in town too!

Why did you decide to join the Get You In Shape program?
Ray and I joined GYIS in March/April of 2011 because our two very good friends told us doing GYIS got them in the best shape of their lives.  This was really saying something, because these friends “dated” by training for the San Diego Marathon together!  Ray and l loved it those 2 months, but I decided to stop because I was going to be homeschooling our kids and traveling a lot in 2011-2012.  I thought I would be able to keep exercising, but I just didn’t.  In March 2013, I was struggling to be fit.  I knew GYIS would work, so I started coming back.  And I was hooked.  So, I joined for the year!  Yay!!

What was your life like before joining the Get You In Shape Program?
Oh, I always got very motivated to start exercising.  And I would be super into it for about a month or two.  And then laundry and life and kids and sleep would get in the way, and I would miss a little bit, and then before you knew it, it would 2 months (or a year) since I’d done anything.  Before when I worked out, I would do 20-30 minutes on the elliptical and maybe some random weights a couple of times a week.

What was your first impression from the Get You In Shape program? First week, month, etc
I would have to say the word inspired.  From the very first week, I was inspired and uplifted.  First of all, every one of the personal trainers lifted me up with a smile, with my name, encouraging me when I felt like I was about to die, and training me!  They tell you exactly what to do and how to do it in the most positive and encouraging way.  And they are just these beautiful, fun people with a sincere passion for helping you have this fit, healthy life.

LeighWalkerFamilyI have to say, (and I did not expect this at all), I was inspired by being outside.  Doing sit ups or something on my mat and looking up at the green leaves and the blue sky and feeling the breeze-it just is good for my soul.  Running and seeing the sun rise over the lake  is something I never really experienced before Get You In Shape.  Those are some of the most serene and uplifting moments in my day.

And then, I was inspired by the people around me in the classes.  Every class has a personality of its own, and they are filled with these friendly people.    I did not expect to be motivated and encouraged by my classmates-I mean, I know everybody would be nice, but the whole group dynamic pushes me more than I ever thought.  I cannot tell you how many times I just want to stop or not push as hard, and it always seems like at that moment, someone will turn to me and say something encouraging or give a thumbs up.  I love it!  And I am inspired by the people around me who are absolutely transforming their bodies.  It is so motivating to see the people I work out with make it happen-and the people who have been coming for years and just look incredible!  That inspires me.

Also, Brad and Cynthia inspire me.  I’m inspired by the way they run this business-they hire amazing people, and they value their clients.  I love that I am supporting a Coppell business that is making a difference in the lives of the people in my town.  And Get You In Shape feels like a family to me.  A very fit family that makes you work out instead of like, I don’t know, playing board games and eating pizza.  🙂

What have been some of the tools you have used that have benefited you?
With out a doubt, it has been the personal trainers.  It really is like having a personal fitness coach.  And the rewards for perfect attendance.  I decided when I joined for a year that I would always have perfect attendance, and having the trainers hold me accountable to that has really motivated me.  And then Cardio Club.  I was petrified to join for the summer.  I have never been a big runner, and I thought there was no way I would be able to keep up.  And then, I found out that I enjoyed some of the Cardio Club workouts as much as the Boot Camp days.   Also, doing the Squat Challenge with Cynthia.  It was so much fun texting back and forth and doing my squats on the beach and in the parking lot by the gas station on my family’s road trip to California.  Get You In Shape is always thinking of new things to challenge and interest you-whether it’s a squat/burpee challenge or the Sprint Tri or the monthly 5ks.  I am most definitely never bored.  Still scared a lot.  Like about the Sprint Tri?  Really?  I would never have even thought to do something like that before Get You In Shape.

How is the Get You In Shape program different from other programs you have tried before? Or What makes Get you In Shape different or unique?
For me, the Get You In Shape program is different from other programs I’ve tried because it works, and I’ve stuck with it.   Before GYIS, the longest I had ever consistently exercised was 10 weeks.  I am now at 6 months and counting.  I’ve exercised consistently 4-6 times a week for an hour at a time for over 24 weeks!  Even as I am writing this, I can’t believe it.  I still have all the stuff to do that stopped me from exercising before, but GYIS is the only program that I have ever done where I have made exercise just a part of my life.

And I have to say again:  the personal trainers and the people you work out with.  No class at the gym matches it.

What results and benefits have you experienced in the Get You In Shape Program?

I’ve lost 15 pounds (and kept it off!) over 6 months, and I’ve:
lost over 12 inches.
My fitness level has improved every single month:
I can run faster and longer.
I have shaved over a minute and a half off of my mile time.
I’ve never run a mile in under 10 minutes in my entire life-until this summer.
Now I am looking forward to breaking 9 minutes.
I’ve had to buy new clothes.
I can lift my 4 year old up in the air over my head without feeling like my back is going to break in half.
I am running 5Ks and doing the Sprint Tri with my 11 year old son, which is something I’ve always wanted to do, but Get You In Shape has made happen.
My energy level is much higher, and the workouts are such a stress reliever.  I can’t tell you how many times I have grumped into a workout with all sorts of stuff on my mind, and 10 minutes later, I have a huge smile on my face and my whole mood has changed.

What would you say to anyone looking at the Get You In Shape program? Don’t think twice.  Do it.  Sign up for a year and never look back.  You will look amazing, you will feel amazing, and you will get to hang out with some amazing people along the way.

RookieOfTheMonth1Rookies of the month – Roroc and Kelly Hoffman

Name, what you do, and where you are from?

Kelley Hoffman – Sr. HR Specialist, Hershey’s (chocolate); Originally from California but lives in Lewisville, X.

Roroc Hoffman – IT Manager, KERA (PBS and NPR in North Texas) living in Lewisville, TX.

Why did you decide to join the Get You In Shape program?

Last year, we went on an amazing vacation in Estes Park, Colorado; we love to fly fish and knew we needed to workout and get ourselves into better shape before the trip…so we would have the stamina to climb over rocks, wade in strong river currents, and hike into backcountry areas to get to pristine mountain streams in a location where we could potentially feel some altitude sickness.

So, what actually happened?  Before we went, we made a diligent effort to reign in our eating through a nationally recognized diet program, and we lost some weight, which probably made the trip slightly easier for us.  We didn’t, however, do much exercise, and as a result, we were tired earlier in the day.  Thus, we didn’t enjoy as much fly-fishing as we had originally intended; the physical aspects of getting to and being on the stream were quite challenging that trip.  Despite the tough physical challenge, between the two of us we caught (and released) about 30 trout, and Kelley caught what is called a “Colorado Grand Slam,” which included a rainbow, a brown, a cutthroat, and a brook trout!  Overall it was a great trip, but we vowed the next time we would be in better physical shape.

This year, we are heading back to Estes Park.  Roroc is eager to complete his “Grand Slam” (he is just one cutthroat trout shy), and we don’t want to be caught physically unprepared again; we want to enjoy as much wild beauty and incredible fishing in the Rocky Mountain National Park as we possibly can!  We joined GYIS because we knew we weren’t very good at getting ourselves off the couch to exercise, and we knew we needed professional help to ensure we reached our goal!
What was your life like before joining the Get You In Shape Program?

Even though it was only two months ago, our lives before the GYIS program feel like a distant memory now.  Before, we were feeling tired around 3:00 in the afternoon, exhausted by the time dinner was over, and we would lay on the couch in a zombie-like state watching TV until bedtime, completely zapped of energy!  We were very sedentary, and if that wasn’t bad enough, we ate a lot of processed foods and empty calories.

What was your first impression from the Get You In Shape program? First week, month, etc.

Our dad made a joke that the hardest part about starting the GYIS program was probably opening the car door (and taking yourself to the program).  Well, he was right!  The first week was really hard; we are not going to lie.

Because of our work schedules and our generally low motivation to exercise, we decided it would be smarter to get in the habit of getting up early and exercising at the very beginning of our day (rather waiting until the very end, when we knew we were more likely to feel tired and want to skip).  Getting up at 5:00 a.m. to get to the 5:30 am workout was definitely not easy, especially during the first two weeks, but once we were there, we actually enjoyed the exercise (yes, that is not a typo – we found out that we really do enjoy sweating and working our bodies).  Now that we are in the habit of getting up early, and it is not difficult at all.

Also, the trainers were really supportive our first month, we enjoyed being outdoors and seeing the beautiful sunrise each morning, and we loved the energy we got from training in a group setting with other people who are challenging themselves to be the best they can be each and every day!
What have been some of the tools you have used that have benefited you?

Polar Heart Rate Monitor – helps us watch our heart rates during workouts so we know when to push ourselves harder and when to slow down.

MyFitnessPal Smartphone App – tracking our food daily and knowing (not guessing) where we are calorie-wise has helped us be more conscious about our food choices.

The Nutritional products– when GYIS recommended these products, we thought – “too expensive, and not real food.”  And, we were so wrong!  After our very first workout, we came home and our bodies were shaky and hungry; in desperation to feed ourselves some good nutrition quickly, we reached for the sample meal replacement shake we had each been given; it tasted great, cooled us down, and was filling and nutritionally sound; we are now totally hooked!  We believe these products has made a big difference in how we feel and how we eat; starting our morning with a densely nutritious, low-calorie shake has helped set the tone for healthier eating; we find ourselves making better food choices when these products is our foundation.
How is the Get You In Shape program different from other programs you have tried before? Or what makes Get you In Shape different or unique?

Better health is not just about eating; it’s about exercising, and it’s also mental.  This is the first program we’ve tried where we felt like we had support on all fronts.  GYIS provides structure, motivation, creativity, fun, and personal touches, which has empowered us to be much healthier – something we have been unsuccessful pursing on our own.

What results and benefits have you experienced in the Get You In Shape Program?

Roroc has lost 20 lbs in two months and 2-3 inches or more off all his body measurements; most of his nagging back, knee, and leg pains have disappeared, and he has a lot more energy throughout the day – especially in the afternoons.

Kelley has lost over 13 lbs in two months and 1-2 inches off all her body measurements.  An even better result has been her ability to get completely off of blood pressure pills that she was taking twice daily; her blood pressure is completely normal now without medicine.  Also, she has lowered her resting heart rate ~20 beats a minute (to less than ~70 beats) since starting the program; this is a sign her heart is pumping much more efficiently, and she is achieving better cardiovascular health.  Kelley also completed her first 5k this month; something she couldn’t have done at the beginning of the program.

What would you say to anyone looking at this program?

If you are thinking about this program, don’t wait for two months like we did to pick up the phone and get started.  We were worried we were too out of shape for a boot camp and that the trainers would push us too hard and/or we wouldn’t fit in with all the “elite athlete” clients.  We couldn’t have been more wrong!  This is a very inclusive group – there are people of all ages and abilities in the GYIS program, and the trainers encourage you to go at a pace that is right for your fitness level.  Nothing is more important than your health!  If you aren’t getting the job done on your own, or if you are but are bored-to-tears with your exercise routine, we highly recommend GYIS!  We absolutely love it, we’ve had great results in a short period of time, and we think you will too!

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