Coppell Personal Trainer 21 Days To Get In Shape (Part 2)

Coppell Personal Trainer 21 Days To Get In Shape (Part 2)


Jun 20

We’re up to getting started on the 21 day plan to Get In Shape. If you missed Part 1, Click Here.

Here you go…

Days 1-7
I will begin each day with 15-30 minutes of quit time immediately as I got up. This would include silence, gratitude, daily affirmations, gospel reading, journaling and looking at my goals and So That’s.

This is getting my mind right and focused on the day ahead before the day even starts.

I will start “following the darn instructions” of the Game Plan given to me from the Transformation Program I chose to invest my time and money in. In my mind, they have put together the program that hundreds of people have had success with (they have over 550 video testimonies alone on their YouTube Chanel) so why do I need to reinvent the wheel and just “follow the darn instructions.”

I will read all the information they have provided and begin to implement it each and every day into my life. I would choose to follow the step-by-step nutrition system laid out for me, the easy to follow health tips and the tools they provide me.

If I have a question or am not sure about something, I will reach out to my accountability coach and seek their advise because I know they have had years of proven success from folks like me looking to get in shape. The transformation coaches have assured me that they are working for me and have made it easy for me to reach out to them (daily if I want) if I have a question about anything.

I have started eating lean and clean making sure that I eat a balanced nutrition of carbs, proteins and fats. I begin fueling my body throughout the day eating every 2 and half hours to 3 hours. This ends up being 4-6 small meals and snacks each day. In the short time I have started doing this I can already tell a difference in my cravings throughout the day and the urge that I did have to eat unhealthy food or to  overeat has almost disappeared.

I would begin to use MyFitnessPal, which is the number one app in the world for journaling. Since using a journal has been proven to double fat loss results, It’s going to be a tool I will use for at least the first few weeks but since it’s also used for motivation and accountability, I may be using it long-term.

Why am I eating clean, choosing to eat every few hours and tracking it with MyFitnessPal?

Why? SO THAT I can have more energy to play with my 5 kids when I get home (…you would add your so that’s here)

Why? SO THAT I can be productive to carry out my roll as a husband, father, business owner and live the life that God has called me to be. (…you would add your so that’s here)

You get the point. The point of “following the darn instructions” with a program that has already been proven to work for 11 years is SO THAT…..

Speaking of So That’s…… I have put my “So That’s” on a number of 3 x 5 post cards and put them everywhere so that I can see them throughout the day. Each choice that I make should be dictated by my So That’s. It’s starts with one healthy choice which will lead to me completing the first day. I repeat the process on day two, then day three and before I know it I have one week in the book. One week of making smart healthy choices because I have my So That’s close to me throughout the day.

I understand that having these in front of me throughout the day will HELP each and every choice I have to make easier.

I would also focus on drinking at least ½ my body weight in ounces each day. I do this by making a conscious effort to drink 8 ounces before I eat a meal or snack as well as after each meal and snack.

I start moving each day getting in my personal training in a supportive group atmosphere 3 days the first week along with 3 days of cardio on the other days. It’s much easier having a coach and trainers helping me along with a supportive positive environment routing for me during my first week.

I am not going to lie…my body was not happy with me the first week as I was sore from not working out in so long.

I felt muscles I did not even know I had. The workouts were not as bad as I thought they would be and I was encouraged to know that there were so many ages and fitness levels working out in a very positive environment along side with me.  It also was great to have a personal trainer there to help me with my form so I didn’t get hurt and so that I did the exercises correctly getting the most out of it.

The support from the daily coaching and accountability touches along with the team and group support has been much more than I had hoped for. It was been a huge boost for my confidence and my “I will” attitude. I ended up meeting some incredible participants who share with me their great results since joining the transformation program which has inspired me.

For the first time long, I actually am looking forward to actually going to the fitness sessions because I am meeting some like-minded people and I am getting the  help I need to succeed.

During the first week I am also taking the recommended high quality multivitamin each day. They mentioned this is just a safety net to help fill in any nutritional gaps that I may be lacking, which is probably a lot 🙂

They also recommended me taking an essential fatty acid to help with many of the benefits that adding healthy fats daily will do to me. So I started taking it daily also.

I also add in a mental focus drink packed with B vitamins and other vitamins that will boost my energy so I feel like being more productive and working out every day. This will take away from “other” energy drinks, cokes, teas of coffees that I may be reaching for throughout the day to help me survive.

I began making a conscious effort to get at the very least 7 hours of sleep each and every night.

I am now one week into my journey to Get In Shape.
I am already feeling much better about myself and my future.
I am focused on the reasons WHY (my So That’s) I want to look, feel and perform better each and every day.

This has helped me make each and every choice and decision I make easier through the day.

And there are many choices.

Tomorrow we will dive into what I will do during the next few weeks.

Coach Brad
Transformation Expert
Founder  –



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