Coppell Personal Trainer - 21 Days To Get In Shape (Part 1) -

Coppell Personal Trainer – 21 Days To Get In Shape (Part 1)


Jun 20

21 Days T0 Get In Shape (Part 1)

A few weeks ago I was sharing with a friend “What I would do if I had a few weeks to Get In Shape.”

I thought that with the launch of our 21-Day Meltdown starting next week, it might be fun to adapt that 21 day plan to one that I’d follow if I were going to start my own journey to Get In Shape in 21 Days.

With that in mind, here’s Part One of the plan…

Step One before Day #1 –
I think the first step in this journey is quite possibly the most important one. It’s about making the decision to go from ‘I could’ to ‘I will.’

Every success starts with that decision, yet only a few choose to make it. We consider the vast array of things we could do or would like to do, but we fail to actually make the most important decision in Getting In Shape: the decision to start.

This step is about committing to the process and deciding that over the next 21 days I’ll discard the reasons why ‘it won’t work’, let go of past failures and focus on simply moving forward every day.

I know that it takes just as much effort to think big as it does to think small and that I can accomplish some pretty meaningful things if I’m willing to work hard.

The foundation of me getting back in shape in just 21 days is the inner belief that I can do it if I simply execute my plan.

From there I will move to the planning stage. I call this the planning stage because I know nothing can happen both short term (21 days) or long term if I do not plan.

I will wrote down short-term and long-term goals with focus not being on the 21 days but where I want to be with my health and fitness (and lifestyle) long term.

I will dream about where I want to be with my healthy lifestyle a year from now and what may be some consequences if I did not follow through with my actions in order to achieve my goals a year from now.

I will also dial in on my WHY’s.

Why I want to have more energy.
Why I want to lose body fat.
Why I want to be healthier.
Why I want to be more productive.

I personally call these my “So That’s” and here is an example so you can understand why it would be at the top of my list before I got started.

I will eat healthier SO THAT I can have more energy to play with my kids when I get home from work.
I will do some sort of movement each day SO THAT I ‘feel” like moving around with my kids throughout the day and don’t just want to find a spot to sit at.
I will get enough rest SO THAT I can be productive to carry out my roll as a husband, father, business owner and live the life that God has called me to be.
I will make healthy choices SO THAT I can be a good role model for my kids.

The So That’s are going to help with my choices and help me stay strong throughout the 21 days so that my unhealthy habits can change.

Step Two Before Day 1 – The next step I would take is to find a proven coaching and accountability program that already had a track record for helping people get in shape.

I would prefer to have a professional coach but I also would like to be in a group so that I could go through this journey with a support group of like-minded individuals.

I would want to join a total program. An already proven program that will help with my mindset/beliefs, help keep me accountable, help give me a step-by-step nutrition plan to follow and help me get the most out of my workouts.

I know that if I want long-term success, it’s not going to come with eating perfectly or just exercising 24/7.

It’s got to be a total program with accountability and support which will help me in my journey to live the healthy lifestyle that I deserve.

I know there are a lot of nutrition programs, supplement plans, fitness plans and many options out there. Most of them just focus on one aspect or one piece of the total program that is needed for long term changes.

For me, I know I want a total program to help me in my 21 Day journey. Not just a fitness class I go to or not just a nutrition program that does not include fitness as part of it.

I need coaching, accountability, a nutrition plan and some a personal trainer to help me get the most out of my workouts.

From all the studies I have heard, most of the successful transformation programs have come with consistently eating healthier and exercise over a period of time. So I would be searching for something that I might call my fitness family since I have a proven history of not being able to consistently workout on my own with out a support group.

Once I have found the proven program, I will sign up for their short term program offer and commit to “following the darn instructions” with the help and guidance.

To Summarize what I would do before even starting..
1) Change my “I could” thinking to “I will”
2) Write down what I want to accomplish in 21 days and 12 months.
3) Write down WHY I want to accomplish those goals which will be the driving force in which I make my choices each and every day to live a healthier lifestyle.
4) I would seek out and join an already proven transformation program that integrates professional coaching/accountability, a nutrition system to follow, group support and personal training into their program.

OK…that’s what I would do before I would start my 21 day program to Get In Shape.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the fist week in the 21 day journey to Getting in Shape.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Coach Brad

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