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Coppell Kid Country – Get You In Shape Volunteers


Sep 25

One of the Core Values at Get You In Shape is Give back to the community. With the construction of Kid Country right next to our home away from home (where we hold our fitness sessions at), we would love to have fun helping as a group.

I am sure many of you came to the  old Kid Country with your kids or family. I am sure many will use the new Kid Country once it’s built. So let’s have some fun together, give some time, and give us something we can say “We helped built that” 20 years from now.

Get You In Shape is one of the groups on the associations page on the Kid Country Website. When you sign up to volunteer there is a drop down that you can put what Association you are with. So we can all wear our Get You In Shape T-shirts and support our community.

There are a number of volunteer jobs, dates, and times. Since we would like to do this as a group, we decided to offer a few different times so that we could have as many of us at one time. If you want to get a few folks from your class time and pick a time slot for yourself, great. We just thought we would pick Saturday as one and then two evening times.

Wednesday October 3rd  5:30pm-9:00pm
Thursday October 4th     5:30pm-9:00pm
Saturday October 6th 12:3pm-5:00pm
Saturday October 6th  5:30pm-9:00pm

There is a Graphic Art volunteer area which is on the Construction Crew area of the volunteer area. You can also call the volunteer services before signing up.
Melinda Gilliam
Volunteer Coordinator
Here is the link to the Volunteer page to sign up.


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