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Coppell's #1 Transformation Program & Group Personal Training Program Since 2007!

We Help You Look, Feel and Perform Better!

Are You Struggling to Get In Shape?

Have you tried it on your own but had no success? Are you intimidated by the typical gym? We know how hard it is to stay accountable on your own. Using our years of experience and your personal goals, we'll create a plan that will finally help you look better, feel better, and move better!

At Get You In Shape, our #1 Core Value is to put people in a positive environment that creates the motivation, encouragement, inspiration and accountability that is needed to start and stay on your fitness journey.

By choosing Coppell's Get You In Shape Group Personal Training Program, you’ll get the following benefits:

1. Community Support With A Positive Environment 

Our #1 Core Value is to put people in a positive and friendly environment that creates motivation, encouragement, inspiration and accountability. Chances are, you are the only person in your life that is looking for a change. That can be really tough. It's easy just to cave-in and miss workouts or make more foods choices when you don't have community support. That's where being a client of the Get You In Shape family will make all the difference. You will be surrounded with people are already succeeding and are putting int he work that will motivate and inspire YOU to do the same. You will make new friends and have a new support group that "gets you" and wants to see you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

2. ​Accountability & Coaching

An Accountability Coach to help walk with you

We understand that one of the toughest things about starting a new fitness program is not having the personal accountability you need to stick and stay for long-term results (lifestyle).

We have a step by step accountability and coaching program designed help you maximize your results because you are NOT alone. You'll get the support you need. You have a dedicated coach to help you start, stick and stay! The main thing is that YOU are not alone during the process as you have someone walking with you along the way.

3. ​Simple Nutrition System 

  • Learn once and for all exactly what, when and how you should be eating as an individual in order to reach your goals.
  • A Step-By-Step "Follow The Darn Instruction" system that has been proven (over 500 video testimonies just on our YouTube Channel) to produce results.
  • Tools, grocery lists, dietitian designed healthy recipes, what you should and shouldn't eat and much more nutrition.

4. Personal Trainer in a Group Environment 

Team Training

  • Our Group Personal Training program gives YOU the best of both worlds getting work out with a personal trainer and working out with a group of like-minded individuals that will help with motivation and accountability.  
  • You get the individual attention and instruction on how to properly perform exercises from one of our top notch Coppell Personal Trainers
  • We will also be surrounding yourself in a healthy and positive community of folks just like YOU who want to look, feel and perform better.

5. Flexible Schedule

5:30 am M-W-F
6:30 am M-W-F
8:00 am M-W-F
12:00 pm M-W-F
5:30 pm M-W-F
6:30 pm M-W (no Friday)
2 Saturdays every 4 weeks (7am and 8am)

Isn't it TIME to focus on YOU?

It’s time to Give Yourself the Gift of Health!

And you don’t have to hope and pray that you have it too—because you’re about to discover how you can get it –quickly and easily! When YOU get the Gift of Health, the things that used to be hard for YOU no longer matter:


"I'm down 55 pounds and 35 inches. My proudest moment is realization of my “So That” goal I established in my introductory meeting had been met. My “So That” was to become physical able to participate in the active life of my grandson. This October, not only was I able to easily navigate a 5 mile Trick or Treat route with my grandson, the following day I was able to jog by his side while he was on his bicycle."
Candy York of Coppell, TX

What are people saying about the Get You in Shape Coppell Personal Training Program?

Amy lost 32 Pounds in 5 months!

Amy Bishop Before After COY1

"I have lost around 32 lbs and around 14-15 inches since starting. I have increased energy and am sleeping much better."  
Amy B of Coppell, TX

Joe has lost 40 pounds in 7 months!

Joe Before After COY3

"I have lost nearly 40 pounds and 23 total inches, including 6 inches from my waist. I have improved my best mile time from 7 minutes and 28 seconds to 5 minutes and 52 seconds. Generally speaking, my overall fitness has greatly improved." 
Joe O of Coppell, TX

Leigh is at her lowest weight in 10 YEARS!

Leigh Before After  Picture 600

"I am at my lowest weight in 10 years. A decade!! I have shaved 3 minutes off my mile time. I can run 6 miles and I have never been able to do that in my life. I am happier, healthier and more confident. That you Get You In Shape!" Leigh Walker of Coppell,