Coppell Fitness Workouts for October Boot Camp week #2 -

Coppell Fitness Workouts for October Boot Camp week #2

Workout Of The Day

Oct 03

We have Boot Camp Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (7am and 8am) this week.
It’s important that you put your nutrition just as important as coming to the boot camp sessions and doing your off-day cardio.

Remember to get in 5-10 minutes of warmup and cool down with each workout.

Monday Fitness Boot Camp –

Tuesday 8-10 Warmup with some core exercises
Interval Training click to read what interval training is.

1 Min slow, 1 min medium, 1 min fast
If inside can do
1 Min Jumping Jacks  Rest 1 min
1 Min Run in Place   Rest 1 Min
1 Min Cliff Climber (standing up, being 1 knee to chest and reach to ceiling/sky, and alternate- can walk fast, jog, or run. Rest 1 min
Repeat for 30-45 minutes

Wednesday – Boot Camp

Get at least 3.1 miles in and time it. Email us your time or record it so you can go back to next time and see your progress

Friday – Boot Camp

Saturday 7am or 8am boot camp