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Coppell Fitness – Workouts For Coppell Boot Camp


Jun 11

Remember to always warm up and cool down. The Tuesday/Thursday sessions should include a little more time to stretch and work on mobility. Just like anything else, if you are not very flexible in one area, work on it. Spend some more time in areas that are very tight for you. You can also add some core work in the off-day cardio to get more time in. We also suggest you try getting in some extra core exercises in with your off-day cardio. You will benefit just by doing the 5 exercises we have put on the ab page of the Get You In Shape Program.

Monday – Boot Camp #4

Tuesday –5-10 Minutes of warm up and Core exercises.
If in Gym

1 Minute slow 1 minute fast pace for 10 min on 1 cardio equipment.
Rest for 3 Minutes (STOP).
1 slow 1 fast on another cardio machine at fast pace.
Rest 3 Minutes (Stop).
10 Minutes at medium pace on another cardio machine.
If outside
3 Minute at  Slow pace, 2 Min Medium, 1 Minute Fast
30 -40 Minutes
If in Home -5-10 Minutes of warm up and Core exercises.
1 min. Frog Jumps – Bend hips down and try to touch the ground with your fingers (keeping core tight), jump forward while bringing hips and arms up. Land and bring hips and arms back down before jumping backward and bring hips and arms back up again. Step forward and backward as an alternative to jumping
Rest for 30-60 sec
1 min. Cliff Climbers – high knee raises along with riasing hands in the air. You can do this walking fast or jogging/running. Try bringing knees high every time and reaching high.
Rest for 30-60 sec
Repeat 2 exercises for 30 minutes

Wednesday – Boot Camp #5

Thursday –
5-10 Minutes of warm up
5 min Core exercises,
5 minutes in slow/medium pace

10-15 Minutes of Hill Sprints or going at your hard pace
30 Second Sprints (or hard pace) walk back to start (so your rest should be 60-90 seconds between)
10 Minutes to stretch!!!

Friday -Boot Camp #6
We will have our bi-monthly mile run on Friday

Saturday – Boot Camp #7  7am or 8m

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