Coppell Fitness - Tips and Information for week #3 -

Coppell Fitness – Tips and Information for week #3


Apr 16

1. Pushups For CharityHere is the Information page – We have Indro Dasgupta, Belinda Fernandes, Laura West, Kenny West, and Jamie Levine signed up so far. We want a big number of our community to participate. Remember, it does NOT matter if you can do 1 pushup or 50, you are doing this to help raise money for our military and veterans. So sign up and get fit, have fun, and make a difference. We are going to be preparing for it with our workouts anyway, so you might as well sign up and make a difference.

2. Biggest Winners – Here are the winners. We will use this as our tip of the week because you will be inspired by hearing the winner stories.

3. This week – Workout for this week. – Mon-Wed-Fri and Saturday (7and 8)

4. Pictures from SaturdayHere are a few pictures from Saturday.

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