Coppell Fitness Tips and info week #1


Nov 25

Trainer Tip of the week A great tip from Julie McCan from a while back that gives you great tools for “how to break that plateau”

Dates and Events Coming up
November 27th –
Lose it Before Christmas 24 Day Challenge. Click Here

Client of the Year –
Please contact us about the video as we will be doing a few in the evening this week and open all Wednesday evening for us to video. Here is the sign up page if you still have something inside you telling you should go for it. We want to encourage anyone who feels they have make some huge health and fitness changes in the life over the last few months or year to share their story.

Workouts this week – Here are the workouts for the first week.

December Calendar – December  Accountability Calendar.

November Prize winners
Fun Color Bands –   
Amber Malcolm, Susan Wilson
GYIS Book –  Diana Gutierrez, Lindy Kinnan
Red GYIS T-Shirt –  Kathy Chasteen, Krista Jarvela
GYIS Towel –
Patty De Rohan, Karen Mcmahon,
Spark – Paul Hinkley, Susan Wilson
AbMat – Jennifer Fariss

Dates and Events Coming up
Client of the Year Information and Sign up – Click Here
November 27th – Lose it Before Christmas 24 Day Challenge. Click Here
November 28th – Last Day to turn in COY information – Click Here
December 6th –
Client Appreciation and Christmas Party @ 6:30pm
January 2nd –
Start of New Year Session
January 3rd –
New Year – New You 24 Day Challenge

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